How to use Rookie in a sentence as a noun

Never put vicks near your face.. Eyes are burning #rookie mistake

RG3 should be rookie of the year just cause of what he had to play through these past couple weeks!

I'm cranky already - a rookie got my bike at spinning this morning - haven't they given up yet?

History in the making calvin johnson broke jerry rice record and a true freshman win the heisman trophy rookie aint tellin me nun a rookie finna win the super bowl

RG3 is the epitome of class...and still only a rookie. Wow. What maturity he shows here.

Wow, who would have thought all these rookie QBs would be in the playoffs!

You won't get no nookie cuz I'm no rookie

#Lakerfan #nomatterwhat But Kobe can't do it all period!! Nice bang out on cp3 lmao Veteran vs rookie haha

#boi i swea dese lame no swag,jux gettin off da porch, jux startd smokin last year, no rookiees gettin as rookie, rookie as wanna b dope boi as rookies flexin roun hea n da county like dats jux da new dat ish make u cool r hard..but jux da let u fucc bois no im it gne take way mo dan dat lil petty ish da get me live n action...but ion c r hea dat smalk tawk n fb poppin n all dis extra puttin on yal dewin...

O who??? Typical stoops bomb season with a epic fail at the end!!!! Look at the rookie heisman go!!! 500+ yard!!! rookiepe he is a repeat !!!! Gig em aggies!!!

Note to self don't try take a dump while inspecting a rookieuse #notoiletpaper, rookie error

You know its bad when you get to the point where the rookie level computer scores once on NHL and you feel absolutely rookiepeless cause your motor skills have just disappeared completely

If you are going to lie about something then make sure you stay off fb.... That's a rookie mistake haha very disappointing

Hindi ako sikat. I know my status in this industry. I'm just a rookie who loves my craft... I have been accused and mistreated...

Can Barcia win championship in his rookie season ??

Quote Examples using Rookie

...Highlight of my day: Realizing that I can still read Russian very well. Chadsey was a lot better than many credit it to be. Alhamdilla . Rot, noss, oshi ee glaza ee glaza. Rooki, nooki, glava glava. Shayaa, grood, zhivot, kalyeny, ee stopnee. Ne zabod kock nazyvayetsya ahnee.. Reading it in its original form is much better lol


Proper Noun Examples for Rookie

I guarantee that there will be a Rookie quarterback that wins the Seattle vs Washington game!!! Mark my words!!!!

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Ariba huajintepec the moos power rooki y ariva los polleros

Damn its winta in my bedrum...tah MOF isi 'n rookiend ni.

If your not want to talk to me then i think you need to remove your selfs off my list i made this page so i can have good people to talk to not people who dont you got 24 hr to talk to me are i am removing you ...

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you. For everyone who asks receives and every seeker finds and to all those who know the door is open.

Up the beach.. Just got bogged for the first time hurt the pride a bit hahaha.. Play on

I guess the new cool thing is to "Facebook Thug"? #IfYouKnowAFacebookThugPointEmOut.

Just asked a colleague if she could stay a day without smoking and she's like neva..... apparently u shuld'nt mess with the body wen it's looking for nicotine,lmao serious addiction*

Pyp, flavour ma niemand om my te join ni =/

Rooki blue,psych,flash points 2and a half man are the best addictions ever pity i hv no access to big bang theory

Ok day 2 tabaco free on its way

Hey RG lll he was a good player the best rooki QB He needs Surgery he could gone for 14-18 months. Wow

Who up I'm bored as fck who got ps3 tryna play 2k13 online

I want to dig a rookiele in my garden. And sit there for a long time. Then I'd be Arden in the garden.

I can't setup my iPhone with my Bluetooth in my suv, anyone ?

Ricky: I need you to find some peanutbutter, whipped cream and so ky so we can have a good time Me: I'm not coming unless it involves a kayak, a road cone and a small chicken.

If your on Facebook at 3 am. its cuz u thirsty.

Heading north tomorrow for a look for some dhuies and pinkies. Need 3 or four more eager rookies. $200 per person. Anyone keen??from hillarys!

The lakers need lebron, he never had a loosing record

If you had the opportunity to pick one car, either production/stock or race car, to be able to track for a day. Which car would it be and why?

Just know, i will have a quad ready for the ice races next year. ..

I had to ask for a mock draft to be re-scheduled so I could watch a NFL playoff game. Feels good, man

An inbox/text/knock on for me/letter/email/loud shout from outside my rookieuse/invitation out/cinema/food/pasta/scroll attached to a pigeon/rookiella/company; would be very nice right now.

Ding dong Pioli is gone! This bad dream has Ended! Now sign Reid and let's get this franchise moving forward. #terminatorclark

This time tomorrow Tammi and I will be driving to Odessa to run at the first rodeo of 2013. I am feeling excited, nervous, and most of all blessed. Thank you to my awesome husband for supporting my crazy dream and always having my back - I love you!

Kangaroo 1 jesses ute 0, no respect these days

Recording a podcast spot for in the Bleachers tonight and they need me to have my first round playoff picks ready. I'm going rookieuston, Indy, Green Bay and I'm leaning Seattle but who do you all got?? Seattle or Washington?

Now all these rookiees wanna try and be my besttttie, but I take a left and leave em hangin like a testiee!!

rookie it im going fishing!!!! its been far to long ....

Im taking the texans, the seahawks, the ravens, and the packers to win this weekend

Abueva now with 17 pts and 9 rebs at the half #pba2013

Rookie definitions


an awkward and inexperienced youth

See also: greenhorn