Rippling in a sentence as a noun

Changes made in one branch of the code will have a rippling effect throughout the system.

Is a massive rippling mutable OO graph the universal way to do game state?

The 4s then combine, then the 8s, and so on, rippling up like binary addition until you get 2^17.

No different to a rumour rippling around an old school trading floor and then being discredited.

You'd be able to see color rippling through the maze and be able to follow the ripples over both large scale and small scale features.

The rippling looks to me similar to the rippling and unevenness of the SR-71, which wasn't smooth because a smooth surface would be less stable at speed.

With the current global economy, taking down Wall Street would create an immediate impact worldwide and would have long term rippling effects.

Aaron's impact has been rippling through the internets lately and that's awe inspiring but we're slowly marching into morbid reality porn.

Puts it nicely:" ... When scrolling the text horizontally in a window we would refresh the text by redisplaying each line starting at the top. This resulted in a wave of text rippling down the screen, and many complaints that the screen refresh was too slow.

We are remarkably close to self driving cars... that is awesome... Some recent breakthroughs in AI I suspect will be rippling through our civilization for quite a while to come...

I believe what we are doing will have rippling effects for generations to come and could be part of a monumental shift in how human beings organize and relate to one another.

With the Mac Pro though, the challenge is to produce a massive amount of plastic deformation without tearing, rippling or deforming the perfect cylindrical surface.

One character has an inkvine scar on his jaw that eventually ripples in any scene he's in... and then again in the next scene... and again... I felt like instituting a drinking game based on the rippling of the scar.

The entire article is written in a "fun", joking style.> The revelation could result in a rippling shockwave that knocks you off your seat and may have troubling, unpredictable consequences for the time-space continuum.

See how there is one range that is just for the rippling water, but then a different more complicated range for making the reflection shimmer appropriately; in that one they had to cycle very specific regions from purple to green for the boundary between the reflection of the hill and the reflection of the building.

Rippling definitions


a small wave on the surface of a liquid

See also: ripple riffle wavelet