Retroactive in a sentence as an adjective

The retroactive obviousness of it does seem quite incredible.

Something goes to court to discuss its legality, and then Congress retroactively declares it to be legal?

Allowing the government to change tax laws and demand retroactive payment is extremely dangerous.

Once information is out in the clear, it makes absolutely zero sense to try and claim some sort of retroactive "special inherent legal protection.

Does anyone have a copy of their early terms of service?Moving beyond that, I'm also quite shocked at their reversing charges and then retroactively changing records.

He had voted to give retroactive immunity to telecom companies for spying on American citizens when he was a senator.

"Part of my frustration with California's recent retroactive tax-raises, ostensibly for education, is borne out of examples like these.

I'm uncomfortable with a payments processor that thinks retroactive changes to statements could ever even possibly be okay, especially in a post-SOX world.

But if you were to be caught red-handed doing warrantless wiretaps, on the other hand, retroactive immunity would automatically follow.> In general, it's bad for business.

A clean bill of health will be given[1].All parties involved with be granted immunity, possibly retroactive, even though no wrong doing was found[2].More payments to data providers will be given[3], not considered bribes.

I already mentioned this and sorry for repeating but our beloved liberal / transparent / change-and-hope-loving president Obama voted for the retroactive immunity back when he was still a senator.

Retroactive definitions


descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on the effects of events or stimuli or process that occurred previously


affecting things past; "retroactive tax increase"; "an ex-post-facto law"; "retro pay"

See also: retro