Retaliation in a sentence as a noun

Largely forgotten in all this is the fact that Manning was tortured in retaliation for the leaks.

This wasn't even done for retaliation or idiot bashing like hbgary.

The US has killed many many more children in its retaliation for attacks than any so called 'terror' organization has.

There is a project called "MonsterMind", which 100% automates adversarial hacking in retaliation to detected attacks.

Prohibition against launching missiles and invasion forces as retaliation for hacking that did not result in death or significant damage to property?

> I hope this is a retaliation for the abhorrent behaviour of reddit usersYou don't like vigilantes, but you hope vigilantes are punishing reddit users?

Back in the old days when I used to use eBay before they removed buyer feedback, it was considered unwise to ever leave a seller negative feedback because they might turn around and leave you negative feedback in retaliation.

I hope this is a retaliation for the abhorrent behaviour of reddit users in blind smearing of innocent individuals in an attempt to prove the worth of social media/the internet/their "community".

Nacchio said he still believes his insider-trading prosecution was government retaliation for rebuffing requests in 2001 from the National Security Agency to access his customers' phone records.

Retaliation definitions


action taken in return for an injury or offense

See also: revenge