Repentance in a sentence as a noun

20 hail mary's for repentance of their sins?

Some could call it a visible display of repentance.

There's no sign of repentance for the dodgy business.

But forgiveness requires repentance, which he hasn't done.

Consider this post repentance for my user interface sins.

I wonder if Elohim would accept increasing one's tithe a bit as sufficient repentance.

In my opinion, it should bring people to repentance and reintegrate them into normal life - helping them, as opposed to the society.

It likely comes down to repentance and acknowledgment on whether what one does was wrong and believable agreement that it will not be done again.

But I have spoke With one that saw him die; who did report That very frankly he confessed his treasons, Implor'd your Highness' pardon, and set forth A deep repentance.

Going through the challenges of repentance and acquiring forgiveness, is something only your company's heart can achieve.

Eventually, David's repentance and confession joined God's forgiveness and the result was Solomon, through whom the temple was built and Christ was produced.

Why didn't an educational repentance follow the political one?

So I started reading with an open mind, but then made the mistake of clicking on a link to his tweets[1].At that point I stopped reading because I really don't care what he has to say unless it's remorse and repentance.

> I guess I was fortunate that I was taught forgiveness without genuine repentance on the other side is pointless, and generally not something to do.> Catholic doctrine, if I remember correctly.?!?!

I think it's a hack: on the one hand it supposedly frees up energy from digestion to concentrate on prayer or repentance, on the other hand I don't feel the thinking is as deep: it locks one into a survival mode thinking - which may or may not help the spiritual practice.

Repentance definitions


remorse for your past conduct

See also: penitence penance