Reasoned in a sentence as an adjective

But not just that, I clarified -why- they were wrong in a reasoned way.

In the end, I think reasoned and rational discussion is what makes HN great, let's get back to that.

That's not the kind of environment where "reasoned and rational discussion" are really going to flourish.

It means that every well-reasoned comment will carry a subtext of "maybe this is a sockpuppeted comment".

One is not a failure for making a rational, reasoned decision to favor one set of priorities over another.

Since that's the only actual complaint you appear to have about the document, I'll assume you agreed with the very well reasoned, well researched viewpoints therein.

Unfortunately the claims made in the current debacle are not permitting a reasoned discussion, either by mistake or design, which is incredibly frustrating.

"This is a very complicated issue, but I don't think we are well-served by slandering one another on social media rather than having a reasoned discussion.

Network systems can be analysed and reasoned about as physical systems when they exhibit discontinuities when considered as simple algorithms.

They made a reasoned decision based on: - gems shouldn't be installed via ports in the first place\n - the ports are not being maintained by BSD\n - the gems/ports in question would need to be patched \n\nYou turned that into "rails sux, BSD rules.

Do not blame all of us just because a vocal minority have gotten out of hand, and certainly do not use it as a tool to shame us into silence and shut down what is so far a reasoned discussion on the matter.

When this happens you will be in a much better place to make a more reasoned choice about taking on additional capital and all the complexities that come with it. Talking to VCs with some leverage in your back pocket is an entirely different game from throwing yourself in front of a conference table full of general partners and trying to persuade them that you're worth their time and money.

"This is a soundly reasoned decision that is a highlight of modern law not so much because of any deep legal reasoning as such but because it profoundly captures and applies the spirit of the law in ways that comport with modern technological advancement.

These sorts of tendencies can be considered anti-authoritarian, but it is a reactionary anti-authoritarianism, not a healthy, well-reasoned skepticism of prevailing authorities.

Reasoned definitions


logically valid; "a sound argument"

See also: sound well-grounded