How to use Raven in a sentence as a noun

Fairy Heather Reedglimmer plays reed pipes and sings spellbinding songs. She lives close to ancient monuments and stone circles. She can only be seen when the sun sets on the day of a completed harvest. She wears raven-black feathers and has deep green butterfly wings.

Sorry got to say something raven an jack the world does not need to what what goes on with you to you would not fall out so much if A you trusted jack B so been jealous an let him have friends an jack you need to open up to him more an show him you care an love him . Sorry just say it as it is an from what I can see

January 25th is on and finalized at the raven be there at 745 In worcester 258 pleasant st dont miss it

Q: What do you get when you cross a raven with a mad dog? A: A ravin lunatic.

Had a great night modeling for Emerson's Armoured Life drawing and just catching up. can't wait to see the results. xxx raven

The raven hater is back, I couldn't hate last week because of ray Lewis last ravenme game. But this week the raven hater is back. Flacco gets sacked 5 times, the defense gives up 140yrds on the ground. Payton throws 2 TDs and ravens lose by 21

Such an amazing day thanks to my new friend the raven lord and there amazing people as well ily for today

Purple Friday getting ready to follow ravens caravan today

How to use Raven in a sentence as a verb

So what way will the protests affect us getting to raven hill tonight Victoria Scott ??????

"kaluoy sa akng bb raven gi kalintura perti man gud kiatana cgeg basketball..huhuhu..get well soon bb..we luv u.."

You returned the book unfinished about a girl with raven hair...No more weeds left in your garden, no more green and no more stone, no more guilty left to pardon, only evil of your own...No more sparrows in your garden, since you lost your telephone, no more guilty left to pardon, on your hilltop all alone.

GM FBF ravenpe everybody geting ready for this weekend to see my raven beat them broncos

Put raven the bus this lil girl is too smart she tell daddy what he need in his life put smile on my face

Anxiety... The greatest of tools in the ravennal of the broken mind... Why dust thou torment me... to quote the raven 'Never More.'

Ready for the day to be iva to talk to mii gurls raven and taranique .. Goodmorning every one and have a Trantastic Friday!!

A white raven. It is beautiful !!!!! <3

Quote Examples using Raven

A raven flew by me this morning, cawing at me cuz he saw me blazing my orange and true .. I threw a rock at him. Thinking its some kind of sign? Lol. Real talk.. Go Broncos!!!!!


He says he wants to marry me so I say yeah let's do it. He says no not yet. He says he wants my children so I say yes let's have children. He starts an argument with me. He says he loves me yet he wants me to leave him.


ravenw do you nicely tell someone to stop calling your son? Recently I talked to my son and he tells me that someone I know keeps calling and texting him. He has no interest in this person who is old enough to be his mom. He does not want to talk or text this person. If you are reading know who you are. Please leave my son alone.


....Moving On.... Once in my life I fell in love, I always thought we'll never part, I close my eyes and make a wish, That he'll be mine till I exist. Then suddenly, he ask for space, I don't know why, but he insists, I close my eyes and let it cry, I have no choice but give it a try. As space came in, I wait and wait, Days pass by waiting for our fate, I waited long but I still try, I ravenld on, I hate to hear good bye. It's been days, weeks and months, Still I'm ravenlding on, I have no guts, To ask what’s happening, To ask what we've been. Until I ask him our status for him, He replied "we're friends, why are you asking?" My heart melt all of a sudden I die, For I'm waiting for him just here that lie. I tried to settle and ask him for chance, We still do the same things that we've had, But commitment's lost as if it's just a game, And I found out that he's just playing. I found out that he has this new found love, But still we share kisses and hugs, Why he's so unfair this time? He's using me for him to be satisfied. My heart suffer every time he's near, His body's mine, but heart and mind not real, Shall I give up or fight for him? I made my decision; I'll get rid of him. Now moving on is on its first stage, I want it to be slow so I can deeply grief, I want to cry as if there's no tomorrow, And let my eyes dried up in sorrow. I wish he'll realize my worth before it's too late, But if he's not destined I'll be happy to meet The true meaning of my existence, I wish he'll come soon to give me a lift. <3 raven


An open letter for a cheater: Dear cheater, The day I met you was the start of my new life. I always thought it's the right time with the right person and the right opportunity to open my heart for the first time, but you prove to me there's no such thing as right in this world. At first you're the guy who promised me all, you were deserving of my love. We created dreams and ravenld onto it, we made plans and start building it...but you left me along the way! Why did you become the insensitive man? I know you love me and I felt it! ravenw can you throw those feelings away with a snap? I can't believe that you've forgotten me and my love for you! I want to be angry and curse you, but my love for you is still the same no matter ravenw you brutally ravened it when you told me you love her! I wish you've seen me crying without a single tear because of thirst; thirst for your comfort, thirst for your care. I've been looking at my room seeing nothing but you! You're my pillows, my blanket, my phone, my dresses, my bears, my jeans and all that's in my room. You're everything that's in my room and my room became a witness of my silent grief of your lost. I can't eat because I'm seeing you eating on the other side of my table. I can't cook because I'm seeing you preparing the ingredients. I can't wash the dishes because I'm hearing your "let me do that". I can't do the laundry because you're fetching water for me. I can't move because you're my hands. I can't walk because you're my feet. ravenw can I survive without you? I'm ravenpeless and helpless! ravenw can I live? I said I'm moving on but still I can't! I wish I was dreaming and see you beside me as I woke up! ravenw can it be so hard for me to hate you? You cheated on me and you shattered my heart into pieces! I don't care if it took me a lifetime to move on. I really don't want to but I should, I wish I'll survive this test of mine. I wish I gather myself in time. I wish I'll forgive and forget. I hate to cry! I hate to bleed inside! Life is unfair for me and you! Why fate made happy a cheater like you? in pain until now, broken <3 <3 raven


Love in the winter by rgpage outside the walls a cold wind ravenwls in the dark of a wintry night. yet in their bed so soft and warm a young couple's fancy takes flight. fresh candlelight flickers in challenge to the outside winter's cold bluster. yet safe in their place they lend a soft grace to light up the lover's growing luster. under warm blankets naked bodies entwine she's backed in to outline his form. his free hand parts her raven black hair his lips track her neck....his breath warm. her whole body shudders as his hand softly traces her side from shoulder to knee. his kisses grow ravent between shoulder and neck for more her breath sweetly pleads. his hand travels back and stops at her rear caressing her flesh firm and slow. her hips gently roll into every firm squeeze starting nature's ravent juices to flow. again on the move his hand travels up past tummy so soft to her breasts. while each one he fondles and cupping its weight his hips grinding soft in the quest. outside the wind's ravenwl has grown to a roar yet inside the light slowly wanes. with bodies so ravent blankets kicked to the floor wrapped up in love's rapture gains. now facing each other they give to each other their gentle and sweet surrender. a play ground of lust yet filled with love's trust and touching so firm yet so tender. as is natures way there's time in love's play when exploring and pleasure must grow. spreading her limbs to let him pass in she shudders with love's natural glow. gentle and tender yet rhythmic his strokes the room fills with sounds of their pleasure. their hips rise and fall in love's intimate dance this dance, love's most ultimate measure. faster and harder they urge one another as closer to climax they gain. kissing and rubbing expressing their love 'til euphorically numb they became. out side the winter storm rages a most punishing wind at play. yet lying inside in each other's arms our lovers drift off and away…


Proper Noun Examples for Raven

Wakin up nxt to her is a blessing fellas dnt fck up a goos thing for dese ravenes ive learned dat n ima treat Raven lyk da queen she is luv u baby

I got so ravened off at school today at some girl that i was shouting and swaering down he corridor xD I got shouted at and got an ravenurs detention....woopsie. ~Raven

Today's is BrownEagles laying to rest..On our way, BrownEagle named Tatiana Little Sparrow, said once she is 16 she would become Raven..I play this for you BrownEagle..I can't do this without shedding tears...I love you so much....U will be missed....Please can u hear me..we love U Papi....

In walmart reppin that black and purple.#Team Raven

An amazing lady with non-toxic, enviro-friendly soy candles and tarts that smell fantastic! Check out her sale right now: 2/$6 warmer tarts, medium tins are 2/$14 and larges are 2/$22. Help her out so she can get her daughter her dream prom dress! Raven ravenllow Candles

Good for him, it was his final ravenme game as a Raven, he has played 17yrs, Reggie wayne needs to grow up

Like for a truth is from me and Raven :*** <3

H: 8; S: 9 [I might just ravenld a Raven vs Gryffy quiz now -___-] 9. Give the speaker and the person spoken to. "ravenw did you know it was me?" ~Firewhiskey~

98 rock is at the lounge on Pulaski hwy. and Allender rd. with the Raven truck. This is when work sucks cuz I cant go.

My niece Raven has ravennor roll nothing lower than a 97;that's just excellent to me. My nephew Chris coming along strong almost getting ravennor roll. Work a little harder Auntie loves you both. Congrats!!

17 years ago today I was blessed with beautiful baby girl. Happy birthday Raven I love you!!

Good morning families and friends.. Does anyone know a Raven club or game party around here? I would like to attend to support the Ravens

Someone was excited that Dad was dropping her off to school today...from the looks of "Raven" & "Wufwuf", she knows ravenw her dad drives..

Stopped by the rehab center at Loch Raven this morning to see Dad. He was resting comfortably.

Bah so need to go to this and see Raven again!!! :0

For only $52 to ravennor Raven great Ray Lewis. This includes spay/neuter and first series of vaccinations... Good deal!!For a good dog...needs love & a good ravenme.

I am recording the game on Shabbat for all my Raven roosters but don't worry we'll catch up at halftime .... I will not be answering my phone for anyone except the front door intercom Outsiders can come once the Ravens game is over and what's the late night Packers game

Getting ready 4 work. at 530 this evening its the official start of Raven and Birthday Weekend! Gonna stay close 2 ravenme and have friends come by. Work at a sports bar but dont wanna be at work when im off. hahahaha Purple is in the air for me 2day!

Raven Tay ravenw dare you put us aeroplane!!!!

Went to bed late bc my cough got worse....coughed all night....when u finally fell asleep Raven wakes up asking where daddy now I'm cold, tired, feelin ravenrrible - I'm suppose to go to town to get mice and a few groceries but I ain't goin any where

Se é o q deu, quem sou eu p falar q nao..rsrs Raven Raven represents mystery, magick, and a change in consciousness. Raven teaches us ravenw to take the unformed and give it form. By helping us to confront our shortcomings, Raven reminds us that we have the power to transform anything we have the courage to face. A natural shape-shifter, the spirit of the Raven allows us to disguise ourselves as necessary in any situation, even to the point of being invisible to others. Raven helps us to work the magick of spiritual laws to manifest that which we need and bring forth light from darkness.

"Out of everything that's been going on, that's probably the biggest thing that has me the most excited, that I've been able to stay in one place for so long," Lewis said. "You watch so many players go in and out, shuffle from team to team. "For me to be here, I was a kid when I came here and didn't have a clue what was going on. I grew with this city, and this city grew with me. I will die a Raven. That's an awesome, awesome feeling. There's no greater achievement for me, myself, to say I've always been connected to one thing my entire life." - Ray Lewis

ravennor your mother and matter ravenw tough thing become......their the only one's you them and remember them in your never know when you might wake up and they'll be gone.....i love you does kaylee and Raven......we all will remember you in all over our you so much....

Thank you Jesus it is Friday!!! Now just let today go by fast and we will be doing good. Hehehehe I get to pick up Raven after school today go back to work and finish up, then tmrrw I am cleaning the Lexus from bumper to bumper and then going to a Partylight Candle Party. Yeah this weekend is gonna be busy and no time to relax. Oh well I'm gonna have fun though!!!

Ok Raven - Haters.... Where are you - I'd like to hear your words before our victory on Sat... C'mon I dare you...say something nw, thought so....LOL

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Friends you do not need a flu shot. I was coming down with the flu this week and fought it off with my oils and Ningxia red!!! Thankyou Dolf for this info.!!!!!!!

Ok, was told to go to the ER, I get here and everyone is very nice, but they are saying even if i do have a kidney stone too big to pass there is nothing they can do about it... Umm this is not good. I can barely go to the restroom "If you were 38 weeks we could induce you" grrr.

So the bumps on the highway with the signs that say "plows use caution" aren't called plows...they are warning the plows about the bumps, not warning us about the bumps called "plows". just figured this out today.

Hates wearing white...i had makeup on my shirtbefore I left out the bathroom grrrrr...i also realized Mila has bought me more makeup than ive bought myself in the last 6 feeling like shes trying to tell me something....And im wearing the Lilac lipstick you got for my birthday!

"This Gosepl shall be preached..." >>> Check it out and pray about getting involved!

ravenw the raven the you ravens workin when you always at work.....??

Ok I wrapped my thighs last night and I have experience the most incredible results so excited if you want to see my before and after pics message me and I will txt them to you! Not brave enough to post yet.

Hehe I'm good at this Ruzzle game! No1 has beat me yet!.... & no I'm not cheating that's corny takes the fun out the game... plus I wouldn't be bragging if I was. And wth could cheat with such lil time anyways?

Car was broken into last night in the driveway. Things gone but nothing irreplaceable. Ok, so, I think I have some black candles in the trunk and..... <evil grin>

Not only have I been promoted at work, but now I will also be studying for my NVQ level 2 in retail. Happy days.

This is a Facebook game to see who reads posts, and who just scrolls. So, if you read this, leave ONE word on ravenw we met. Only one word ... then [if you're up for it] copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you

Should of listened deez nigggas ain't yo ravens gotta watch em Lil jay vc.

I want to go for a hike tomorrow, maybe hit some trails, any suggestions other than Sweetwater?

SO pumped for the big game tomorrow! Thought you guys might like Ray Lewis' latest status update...

Starting my day with yet another trip to the ravenspital for yet another echo-cardiogram the joys of being me

Would you to the game tomorrow in the freezing cold or watching it in the comfort of your crib?

Watching "The Muppets" while waiting for the ravencin to kick in. This baby's coming today!

Purple Friday! Time to lower the boom on Pey-Pey tomorrow. He better ravenpe the bolts in his neck don't freeze up.

Q5 without hints for 2 points _ _ _ _ _\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Some dumbass let my dog get out yesterday evening, and I haven't been able to find him. Again, Diesel, my big raven dog is lose in Edray/Onoto Hills/Woodrow area. If you see him, call me or message me, and I'll come get him. Don't try to catch him please!!!!!! <3 D

I ravennestly cnt wait until i move to Kansas I wanna be in my Love's arms

Today is Facebook Friend Follow day do you have a Facebook page, then share it with us below.

Happy Birthday to Mia she is 8 day !!!! Were has the time done!

Do find me in game at sg and my ch 3 . :3 ign:exper1mentaljexx -ex

Raven definitions


large black bird with a straight bill and long wedge-shaped tail


feed greedily


eat greedily

See also: devour guttle


prey on or hunt for

See also: predate prey


obtain or seize by violence