Rapier in a sentence as a noun

An epee is close to a dueling sword, but still pretty far from a rapier.

As a brit, my first reading was "zay-pee-er", like how "rapier" missile is pronounced.

I imagine you know this, but a rapier is not the ultra fast moving sword most people think it is due to movies and the like.

"rapier" is what I thought, as well; the rapier is a light thrusting sword, which is intended to deliver a quick wounding strike to the target.

Unfortunately his rapier wit also demonstrates an internal bias.

Proper Noun Examples for Rapier

You will also find a WIP user-guide on the rapier website: [3].Right now the JS bindings are not complete, so a couple of months of work is still needed to expose all the capabilities of Rapier through JS.

Rapier definitions


a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges

See also: tuck