Ranch in a sentence as a noun

"Why do you need a ranch size home and 20 acres?

In ranching my old job you either pinch pennies or go belly-up.

On our ranch, we have an automatic gate opener with keypad.

Beware, pal, that we don't go to the opera down here on the ranch, so there may be rough-riding ahead!

Keep in mind you can rent a ranch-style home in the suburbs, not just metropolitan apartments.

You've got ranchers in places like Wyoming where the forage is barely sufficient to keep livestock alive.

Ranch in a sentence as a verb

Typically these cows will be shipped to another ranch that specializes in this before then being shipped to market.

Before when you walked into a Publix, you had 10ft of shelf space devoted to nationally branded ranch dressing.

They know that if their loyal customers go into a super market they will see the cheaper supermarket branded ranch dressing first; then second they will see the high priced Kraft and buy Kraft.

We've built up a ton of infrastructure -- a five-acre ranch [1], a greenhouse, mushroom farms, tree farms, strip mines, and monster farms, so we have easy access to virtually every type of resource.

From the nytimes article [1] it sounds like the investors let him have it "Three days after the announcement, Mr. Hastings wrote in a Facebook status update, “In Wyoming with 10 investors at a ranch/retreat.

Ranch definitions


farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)

See also: spread


manage or run a ranch; "Her husband is ranching in Arizona"