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Had to laugh at a recent quip by Frank Skinner he said At one time when people meet you after you'd sort of achived a bit of fame they said "can I have your autograph" Now it's "can I have a photo"

Confused, I better stay away. why quip? why hate? whereas, I only have you in Bogor.

Bored is quip need a ride to quip asap true... Pezzy p

I love you, I love my dog, you're the only dog I have and I appreciate you ! every picture you post, every quip that you Write,beautiful, Thank you...

13 mile ruck with my bro... this is gonna be fun... -insert sarcastic quip here-

Good morning friends.... No snappy articulate quip this morning... Just have a great day and enjoy it... You won't get a 2nd chance at it.

My going way cake was mable cake with fresh strawberries in the middle and quip topping ..very tasty...and It was very pretty...thank you so much

Like every cop car and firetruck in quip just blew by my quipuse headed down the AVE

What was that quip about taking out a credit card to China and spending our children's and grandchildren's money? Something about being unamerican and unpatriotic? Seems like so long ago and so far to go!

The Mad Men caption contest asks fans to submit one memorable quip of ten words or less to go with a selection of images! Whats your favourite?

What I like about this photo: The stern upward look as if to say "Almighty G-d, quipw could you let my people suffer..." I have seen this look on Clintons' face when she shook my hand in Ithaca by the former quipme Dairy. In response to a quip I felt as though a command audience with our creator was on the table. Awesome power does indeed engender awesome responsibility.

Insert funny quip here, if you like. I say, this pic speaks for itself

Developers are the only group where they are asked to do something which has never been done before, and tell someone else quipw long it will take before they even know what actually needs to be done. - Found in a Bugzilla quip

Generally I have some quiping quip, some quipin joke to say that might relate to quipw I'm doing... I just hurt all over, I should have rethought tonight lol but I still think it was worth it I quippe I showed my friend a good time. And was glad to see the ones I got to see tonight.

They aint nothing like black quip on my dick word to the mother quiping dj quip

She used this quip speaking to Netroots Nation. I became a fan for life.

How to use Quip in a sentence as a verb

Now, I know this could only happen in my waiting room where there is both a toy pizza and a toy Elmo phone but this is a pretty good quip I just caught: Mom: What is Elmo doing? 3yrold Daughter: Mushrooms! ...This explains everything.

Kid quip of the day : "We went skiing in Pregnatory, Colorado over winter break."

Wanted to make some sardonic quip about the Beliebers mutilating themselves over Bieber's drug use; until I realized I've renewed my Guard Card more than once- and therefore have no room to judge anyone.

What say you art lovers, to Conan O'Brien's quip? "I just bought a painting from an emerging abstract artist, or someone just sold me their napkin."

Lol, besides the twilight quip, this would be my mom calling lol.

"A new idea is delicate. It can be quiped by a sneer or a yawn; it can be stabbed to death by a quip and worried to death by a frown on the right man's brow." -- Ovid

Hey, in case you haven't already heard, we have a Twitter feed where we quip and comment about our progress, press coverage and our awesome supporters.

We’ve all heard Rebecca West’s famous 1931 quip: “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.” Here are a few famous women who are not afraid to call themselves "feminists"

#11^-<3 Well I met u like an quipur ago ^_^ You so gorgeous we are texting u are in Pandora :p ummm we neat to talk more &quip texting me :p

Another quip from the mastermind that is Brett Powell: Models needs to be airbrushed, but not me. I'm flawless.

Is very much easy to quip whaever,as long as u tell urself 4rm da deep of ur heart and believe in ur inner strength

I have the pleasure to work with such partners who can quip: "We have to continually be facing off with Cliff and exert our best efforts to surmount him." Chillax!

Part of expressing an extreme opinion Means that I sometimes get Psycho's that constantly refer to me or talk about me on other people's statuses. It might be a nasty little quip about Madonna or it might be about my death, which was the case this time. I sometimes get taken back by it, But in the end I realize exactly what kind of sad existence someone must have in order to comment those kind of things.

Il bring u flooowers in the pouring rain.. can sum1 quip me up with the new ministry of sound cd please?

Bayaphi na kanti abantu bajoyine u whatsapp,u quip or u 2go or mixit na or niyephi molweni bo

Quote Examples using Quip

"We quipld these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" These are the words that, in a way, founded our country. quipw much do we actually quipld to them? Are we really living our lives with the liberty to find our own happiness? Or are we letting society determine what makes us happy? The societal system we have put in place as a nation tells us to go to college, get a high paying job, start a family, and set your kids on the same track. If everything goes according to plan, then your children should be more prosperous than you. Sounds awesome, right? I guess. Yeah, with a good job you can have nice things, you can meet "important people" and you can provide your children with a very comfortable and safe environment to grow up in. It would be terrible if your children were exposed to the raw reality we have going on around us. They don't need to know about all the trouble around the world right now. They don't need to know about extreme bi-partisan polarity we are currently stuck in. They don't need to know about the gratuitous amounts of lobbying by various corporations in our Congress. Why expose your innocent child to the underbelly of America that, ultimately, we are responsibly for? Ignorance is bliss, let them be happy for a bit. The schools will teach them. Yeah, those standardized school systems that get funding based on test scores. That will totally work! What? Your child is getting bad grades?!? That has to be the teachers fault! You know, the teacher in charge of 100+ kids. It has to be because they aren't taking enough effort to teach your child. It's the only answer. It couldn't possibly be the parents fault. This system is flawless, they tell you what to think, they tell you the important things to know, Mississippi still discredits evolution, a Scientific theory that is constantly challenged with new evidence and constantly proven correct. Go to church and learn what God has planned for you. There goes all the effort in planning your own life, God has a plan for you. Religion is great on a personal level. I don't subscribe to any, but I believe that the message of love and acceptance is true. We need to learn to love each other as human beings. Instead, we block out love with our laws and regulations. America is still not a land of equality, it never truly has been. Think about this: Women haven't had the right to vote for 100 years yet. Blacks have had "equal rights" for the past 50. That doesn't sound like a land of equality. Go to school and learn what the government wants you to learn. It's no secret that Americans are generally uneducated. There are memes about it. Europeans mock Americans because we are so uncultured. Our education system obviously needs an overhaul. I was fortunate enough to have numerous fantastic teachers throughout my grade school experience, but not every one is. Not enough teachers challenge students to think for themselves. Its a shame, but it's true. Education is, seemingly, based solely on your income level. Eventually, those kids that you didn't want to expose to the world grow up. But you still know best, they might not be able to handle the world at such a young age. Give them cable and internet, plentiful mind numbing tools that will be able to distract them from the real world issues. We're constantly bombarded with advertising and some quip to get what little attention span this generation has. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, 9Gag, the list goes on. I can just use parental block for the things I don't want them to see. Most television stations are owned by a few companies. If you really watch some commercials and look at what they're targeting to get people to buy their product, you will see a very superficial connection that barely makes any sense. These habits breed ignorance. These habits encourage people to seek others thoughts before thinking for yourself. Neil deGrasse Tyson once said that the internet is a mirror. You only get exactly what you put into it. If you're on facebook or /r/funny all day, do you really think you are stimulating your mind to learn more? The internet is such a vast source of free and open education and discussion, but people get intimidated by all of that knowledge and place limits of where they want to go. These limits make us comfortable. Comfort makes us ignorant. And the cycle continues. When those men gathered together to stand against their government, they did so with an idea. They wanted a land of equality for all, but society has separated who gets the equality. They wanted a separation of Church and State, but it's political quip to have a religion other than Christianity. They did not start a war just so we could be comfortable in our quipmes, sheltering ourselves from real issues that we, as a nation, have done nothing to really resolve. The problem starts with us, not our government. The solution starts with us, not our government. We are in control of our own fate. We've just been taught that we aren't. Anyway, that's my rant. Thanks for reading.


Tim Donnelly Here they go again... They target gun owners who have respected the law by making the laws even stricter instead of trying to figure out quipw to protect the children. I'm working on a proposal to make sure that our teachers, who showed they will lay down their lives to protect our kids, will never be defenseless again when faced with such unmitigated evil. "None of these measures, had they been in place, would have done a single thing to prevent what happened," said Donnelly. In fact, Donnelly is readying a different proposal to have at least one anonymous person at each school armed. "We haven't had a single hijacking since 9/11, and I think it is in large part due to the presence of air marshals," said Donnelly. "So why don't we have a school marshals program?"


It is rather interesting quipw many people I know dislike the thought of even doing math. It is such a crucial part of our everyday lives, let it be with quipw technology work, or just simple ways to solve a fencing problem. The idea of advancing our concepts of math is not meant to harm anyone's brain or cause him grief, but to further explain, in a formidable way, quipw some things work. This is one of the reasons why I regard the subject with high respect and admiration, the thought of it creates a reaction inside me, a euphoria, that unlocks the inner mechanisms of my mind. Yes, it excites me. I quippe that someday the same will happen to you, my fellow human beings. ^^


There indeed are plenty of fish. Large studly fish and scary aggressive fish with "sexy" or "foxy" in the name. If you have this in your user name, you are prolly neither sexy nor foxy and I most likely don't like you. And quip fish, no-one wants a threesome with your boyfriend. Just saying


A gentleman loudly complained about the service at the Dollar Store today. He claimed there was no pride in service and no respect for the customers. No one would come help you select your items. Dude. Which of the plastic items confuses you? The plastic flowers, plastic seasonal decorations, plastic hair accessories, plastic utensils, plastic cutlery, plastic bags, plastic bowls, plastic shoes, plastic glasses or the plastic food? And yes, it is probably really helpful to complain loudly so the minimum wage, overstressed, overworked and underpaid cashiers can do something about that.


Scarygirl is on sale and I decided to look at Metacritic only to find this completely quiphole-ish review quip from Machinima. "If you're a fan of the character somehow, that shows you like things that are "unique" and have a "dark" "personality," and are not at all manufactured in order to appeal to an overplayed "edgy" aesthetic. As such, this game is for you, because that means you have mediocre taste. Everyone else, save your valuable time and effort. " Really guys? Don't be dicks about it and act like enjoying the game has anything to do with the copypasta Tim Burton style. I liked the demo. Derpan.


I would like to say to the Pope "quip you, you are a hate filled, bigoted curmudgeon. You have spread messages of intolerance and exclusion. You and your organization are full of quip". quipw anybody could stand behind an organization or a person such as this, I cannot understand. If you need cited info, google search "most intolerant and well funded hippocrates".


2013 is one year closer in ascent to the Philosopher King's throne. Πρώτη φιλοσοφία, prima philosophia, first philosophy, is growing ever higher. Below is a short quip from the epilegomenon of the doctrina: "It potential-becoming-is. It potential-becoming-is not not potential-becoming-is. It potential-becoming-is one. It potential-becoming-is all. It potential-becoming-is Real."


Conversation: Dementia: There's Borsch drill on sale at Amazon today. Hyena: Borsch? You mean Bosch? Not only is there no "R" in the name, it's in my family history. A man named Bosch quiped one my ancestors and married his widow. I owe the man. Get it right.


So lying in my bed a little past midnight, my air conditioner and fan silent because of a black out, my room the temperature of a sauna I have something to contribute - I don't get it. I don't get why everyone except for Kelly, Booga and I loves this heat. This disgusting, energy-sapping weather that causes catastrophic fires and dries up our water reserves. 'Oh but what about going to beach?!' I hear you cry. Well like almost everyone else I know I spend approximately 1% of my summer at the beach and a fair chuck of the remaining 99% at work staring at a computer and feeling uncomfortably quipt. 'But people go out more and the vibe and stuff!' I then hear you gleefully cheer. So you can't drink a few beers wearing a jacket? Or at least in weather not so ridiculously quipt that it leaves everyone looking exhausted and wrung out? Please explain it to me. I'm turning 30 this year and that is probably a factor.


"Inspirational quote" -- clever quip about quote. Slightly creepy aside. Random words to make it all funny. I don't feel up to filling in the blanks. you all can manage.


To whom ever sent me a message this morning about my Facebook. I have no intention of replying to you I don't know who you are. I will be changing my Facebook to private from here on out. I have an amazing gf who is my best friend who means the world to me, and the fact that you saw my page and texted me on my cell somehow quiped me off. My best regards at finding whom ever your looking to harass with your texts but your number was blocked instantly and so shall this page. now I'm going to eat a steak.


Motivation comes in many forms. a true desire to better yourself is one. the desire to improve your life by someone else is another. a deep love that drives us all the become the men and women we dream to be. its a very difficult and long road. patience will get us there. the goals i have set for myself have started from square one this year. i know we can all achieve what we set out to do or set out to be. whether it comes from happiness or depression or loss. i left target to better my life. and it has become better. now is my time to make it great. i love my life and everyone in it. i am beyond blessed.


There Is a place for tears....there is a tym for joy....though my pain,seems multiplied as it were...yet would my quip be...'I know my redeemer liveth'... I would still rejoice,why.....God is definately not through with mi... Instead of pain,I would choose to rejoice. Instead of tears,I would save a spot for smiles. It won't be long...quiply spirit would find expression. Promises would be fulfilled... Then self would give way... His approval over mi shall not weaver. Thank u...atleast for quippe sakes! Am a year older!


I had a funny quip for my status this morning but now my heart hurts. I sat down and logged on and the first photo in my feed was a goose brought into Walden's Puddle, the wildlife rehab center, that was shot with an arrow through it's chest. It made me ache at the cruelty of human kind. Please say a little prayer that the goose recovers and is not in too much pain at this moment. May all beings be released from suffering. May we all be protected from cruelty. May we all have mercy and peace.


A man and his wife quarreled. After the fight, the wife went into the bedroom. A few minutes later, the husband also trooped into the bedroom only to find the wife busy packing her suitcase! He asked "You are packing! Where are you going?" She answered "To my mother" The man paused for a while and also got his big brown pure leather suitcase & started packing his clothes. The angry wife stared at him and said "You are packing! Where are you going?" He replied "Oh ya! I"m going to my mother!" The wife replied, "To your mother???!! And what about the 6 children?! Who is going to look after them?" The man replied, "You are going to your mother! I'm going 2 my mother. The 6 children should also go to their mother too ...l


I recall the story of the philosopher and the theologian; The two were engaged in disputation and the theologian used the old quip about a philosopher resembling a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat, . . . which wasn't there. "That may be," said the philosopher: "but a theologian would have found it." ~ Julian Huxley


Got up around 8 and went and did some work at the lab for a few quipurs, came quipme and played with my dog for a bit, did the dishes, did the laundry, ate some lunch, and now I get to put my feet up in a cozy blanket and watch football on mute while I listen to Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth playing from a magic piece of glass that wirelessly streams science to my ears as I wait for my quipney to come quipme and tell me all about the place where we're going to get married. It's in Moab, by the way, and we quippe you can come. The word I was taught to describe my life while growing up is "blessed," but I since I don't believe in any divine being bestowing these things upon me I will simply say that I am extremely fortunate. And grateful. And happy. Life isn't perfect, but sometimes when you "count your many blessings, count them one by one," as that terribly annoying hymn suggests, it makes it feel rather perfect. This is where I generally insert some sarcastic or funny quip, but it's Sunday so I'll just go back to chillaxin.


Proper Noun Examples for Quip

So sick.....Love my Cafe family!!! Mike made me black chai quipe tea with lemon and quipney!! I got so lucky getting sent to "the Quip"

Quip of the day: Don't pray for rain if you're going to complain about the mud.

Finished my block of the month quilt for Quip Guild lastnight. What are you working on?

Today's Quip - If you want to convince others of the value of Christianity, live it!

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The pen tool is mightier than the sword...

What do I type inn 2 look at prams and cots ?

Reading on the Internet about quipw to relieve sinus congestion, infection, and pain. Turns out, a lot of places recommend a mixture of warm water, salt and and an infusion of garlic in a neti pot or an eye dropper. Let me tell you, I could care less about the headache now. My nose is burning way too bad to care about the headache.

The saddest thing on earth is when you think there's cheese in your fridge - but really there is none. Okay, maybe not THE saddest thing, but still quite grim.

I wish we all were as strong & intelligent as this man. May he live a thousand years.

Remember: If you plan on dropping out of high school, please reconsider. If you're still going to do it, please remember that we don't like onions on our Quarter Pounders.

Robbie Fowler's reaction to being called a c*nt...

Nothing makes me madder than to be called a liar on those rare occasions I'm telling the truth. "No Best Western, that was NOT my blood on the sheet!"

I hate quipe quip quips that talk quip but run and grab a pistol, scared of a quip whoopin i guess. It always be the smallest quips too. Lol

Wow. Wifey gets a raise...paycheck less than it was last year. Awesome.

Carnt wait for my tattoo at end ov feb guna be awesome

Oh BBC news, "Ronseal" won't like that reference to the Government's mid term review, although I must admit perhaps the coalition hasn't done what it says on their tin!

Whatever you do, get this one. Get it for the cars and the throaty voice-overs. Oh for Christ's sake, get it for the dames. You will not be able to take your eyes from the screen.

Super proud of my babe Amanda Reid she has been sicker then a dog like me but staying up late working in Paris or working 5hrs-7hrs in Berlin for her job at odd quipurs. Now. Off to Normandy.

Boring, boring, boring, whinge, whinge, boring, does anyone have any boring or know of any boring, like this if you like boring, check out my boring page and my boring virtual life. Boring. BorinG????

Finally saw the quipbbit movie. It was bad enough to walk out on. I didn't because it was a date & because I have a lot of stored-up goodwill for the franchise based off of quipw awesome the previous 3 Peter Jackson LotR movies were. *sigh* Oh well.

Wow really irritated being at work for no reason...I think its because I basically live here.. :|

I think I might just go curl up in the blankets in bed and listen to the rain. It sounds so good! What's your favorite way to enjoy a night like this?

As a time traveler, I find this terribly useful.

Who would like 2 free tickets to see Band Of quiprses play at the Palais on wed jan 23rd??

Lookin for that one girl in this cold world that will make all the rest dissappear..quit takin ya sweet quip time so you can come in and fix this broken man

Is there such a thing as hand lotion for men? Doesn't smell too perfumey and soaks in quickly?

I read something the other day that said the group Rush was one of the leading bands in the Prague rock movement...I always thought they were from Canada.

That's two mailboxes KO'd for our family. We're on a roll!

Do you ever read someone's post, or a reply to a post, and it all seems like just a bunch of words that are not connected in a way to make any sense?

This is crazy!! quipw can this kind of stuff happen? A guy in England pretended to be his own wife online, then persuaded another woman to help 'catch' him cheating by having sex with him?

Pitched his book to his editor yesterday. The editor's reaction: "This sample chapter is great—there's definitely a considerable audience for this book. Now send me a new chapter every Monday for the rest of the year, and I can get you an advance big enough to live on while you finish the thing. If you do not do this, you're dead to me." In conclusion, ulp.

Question: Would you rather get a root canal, listen to Nickleback, deal with cockroaches, or negotiate with Congress? A new poll shows Americans favor the first 3. Hey! at least their favorability rating is still higher than the Kardashians. Discussing on my show in a half quipur.

Oh sure, the Obama really cares about women.

A prime example of why this fringe party is not fit to govern, and why the ALP has lost authority by quipociation with such muppets.

"You know who else inherited an economy from Bush? Rick Perry."

Wednesday: A look at quipw researchers are studying the spread of the highly contagious norovirus -- with the help of a vomiting robot. LA

I'm revising!!!!! Have I opened the door to 1994! Where's my fountain pen and my coca cola pencil case!

Today's vocabulary word is: Whuppn'. No more need be said, example given last night.

2nd Tip Tuesday question of the day: quipw did you select your business name? Knowing what you know now, would you still keep the same name for your pet-sitting business?

We gingers are a talented lot, and you can expect to meet more than a few at the League of Extraordinary Red Heads this Jan. 30...if yer blessed with the crimson shade, that is.

Please pray for my friend Mary Feagin-Phillips family and friends, she went to be with Jesus today. Such an amazing lady that did so much for so many...a true one of a kind..always remembered, never forgotten. We love you, Mrs. Mary.

If you remember "Band of Brothers" and the true hero's we have had in our life, a must read.

Here are some of the things we should revere instead of men in funny hats swinging incense pots and pious peacocks shouting from pulpits demanding money and your votes.

Almost all Colgate commercials will begin with what could be one of the worst pickup lines ever: "Good morning, did you know that your mouth is under attack right now?"

Ugh freezing one second, sweating the next I think it's the dreaded flu

Whoever said, "Sleep on it, things will look better in the morning", obviously never went quipme with the wrong person at closing time

Hi I have lots of hardback newish books all crime/ thrillers such as: karen rose/ karen slaughter/ Lisa gardener/ Jeffrey deaver/ lindwood Barkley etc and one want any if not will be given to charity shop

Rofl...tina rock! i want to read the bio!

"I prefer to be an imperfect version of itself, than the best copy of someone else"

The world will tell you that YOU are in charge of your own destiny, perhaps this may be the reason why so many are miserable. Allow God to be in charge of your destiny, it makes a world of difference!

It's so quipt today that Julie Bishop has downgraded her stare from "icy" to "cool".

My life would be a lot simpler if duct tape came in flavors.

Gracie first day on the wards!! Forgive me if I'm distacted today. So proud.

A wise girl kisses, but doesn't love. Listens but doesn't believe and leaves before she is left...<3

Alabama took a big ol can of ..... .. & sprayed it all over ND, say s Elaine King Shack. I agree!

I'd like to dedicate that victory to Martin Luther and the heroes of the Reformation!

Is proud to have friends who have too much fun at Trivia nights.

Food for thought...why do people need an automatic weapon to defend their quipme and family? should a 9mm, shotgun, and a dog be sufficient? i'm asking because i'm curious as i am concerned....

"If this was a prize fight, they'd turn it off." Guess Musburger doesn't care about second half ratings...

135 episodes of Supernatural to go. So many. ><

Someone just posted that this is all the Pittsburgh kicker's fault...

Beau Champion returning to the rabbitohs for seasons 2013-2014.......... Welcome quipme champ

"Partnership is replaced by ownership. Consumption trumps cooperation. Instead of living within the cycles of the natural world, as a contingent part of the web of life, mankind sets itself apart from and above it."

I was told i had a short temper, i responded with "It is not that I have a short temper, I just have a very quick reaction to stupidity."

Wife in Cali for three days, I'm going to be pretty hungry by Thursday!! lol

"if the rebels have obtained a complete technical reading of this notre dame team, it is possible, quipwever unlikely, they might find a weakness and exploit it" "an attack made by the rebel tide against this notre dame team would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they have obtained. This notre dame team is now the ultimate power in the universe. I suggest we use it!" Beat those nerfherding rebel scum!

Still urging after watching "what happens in kavos" ruff!! xx

Signed books, prints and quiported other quip to keep you occupied when you should be doing something important.

Well I would rather we get knocked out tonight than go through by cheating nil satis nisi optimum !

Which do you prefer: traditional hymns, or modern worship songs?

Well I've inboxed a few of you and no one has replied so I don't know if my phones working or not.

I can't wait to go get my engagement ring back on wednesday It will finally be the right size!!!!

Genuine question, is there quipnestly a more detestable quip in football than Luis Suarez? I've been informed he always kisses his hand after scoring a goal, but he's still a massive quip-quip.

Forgive for anything... should i know wht th reason untl blind way

"You believe that you have a personal relationship with an ancient undead man-god, who was his own father, who will give you everlasting life if you accept him as your lord and master, and if you acknowledge what a great guy he is for brutally quiping himself in a sacrificial offering, to himself, to pay himself, the price that he demanded in exchange for saving you from a punishment that he arbitrarily imposed on you because 6,000 years ago, a woman grown from a rib was convinced by a talking snake to feed a magical apple to a man made from clay... "

Ok gonna have dominics bday party today at 4

Oh my goodness, I just sang a One Direction song to my bacon this morning. I am not good with waking up early.

Who has an engine crane they wanna lend/hire to me for a cuppl weekends?

2 weeks left on my laptop warranty, sending it in to Acer. Little victories.

I was afraid once, but I am afraid no more.

If I sell one more junk food item to a person using my money to pay for it, then sell them cigs which they use cash for, I will hurt them. Thank you liberals for helping the malnourished...

Woke to a pleading meow to find a sloppy dropping on the newly laid kitchen floor by the gallant serf David Stokes to wipe clean with a swift and sniff good golly early rise!

I bet when they discovered the radish, everyone was like, "let's name it rad!" But one dude was all, "whoa, let's dial it back a bit."

"If you are tired of style, you are tired of life."

quipw can Lord Grantham look like a Chicago bootlegger just barely after prohibition begins?

Downtown abbey is 2 quipurs tonight? But I only need 7 minutes to fall asleep.

Ok, I gave it a real attempt... The quip's Carnival is just awful... first of all, its a circus, not a carnival. Secondly, the music made me want to shove carrots in my ears.

Well not much happening on here tonight. I happened to mention that I was thinking about getting a new guitar and that upset a few people!

So the strangest of things, I went to Church last Sunday and it put me right off religion, but I've just watched 45 minutes worth of videos with Richard Dawkins and he really puts me off atheism, don't get it, I feel sorry for God sometimes.

Wow, I've never gotten so many likes for a photo. I'm inspired to go back into the archives.

3 to 600. Sir M is a wonderful and charming guy, and a good friend of mine thanks to finding each other's pages. So, go and like, it will please me..

Working reminds me quipw inappropriately not dead you all are Ill figure out a cure one of these days, I've got the brain for it

This geordie commentator is comin out with some lines on the Barce game...Messi the Minotaur

Quip definitions


witty remark

See also: crack sally wisecrack


a witty saying

See also: epigram


make jokes or quips