How to use Prosper in a sentence as a verb

Be yourself and do what makes you happy, take others negativity and use it to prosper in your own lives, you were made to be an individual, you are all loved, cherished, and accepted, those who choose to discriminate against you, are only making you stronger, believe in YOU, because as long as you have that, you can achieve anything<3

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I'm blessed to be a blessing.

My enemy will noy die but to lv n see hw im going to prosper. dat is y i mst surely get to dat top

Are you positioning yourself to prosper or positioning yourself to complain? The choice is truly yours..... JustRane

Today at 5pm..I was finally able to get some trash evicted from my's been a long time coming and has cost me alot of money and my personal belongings that was furnished with the property...yes they stole everything..ever the shower rods and light bulbs........but you know what ,,,,they will never prosper with stolen stuff in Gods eyes......I consider it just stuff..that I can replace......God have mercy on their poor soul's....they knew right from wrong but sold their soul and salvation for a little stuff. I prosperpe you can see this..for I will never see you again

Watch me prosper in the brink of defeat!

Start now from where you are.... and prosper where you have planted.... Lovely morning friends...

No weapon fashioned against u shall prosper through out d days of ur life. Be rest prosperured

Delight yourself in the Lord, and you will see the plans he has for you; plans to bless you, prosper you, and give you a future with in expecting end of greatness....selah

In the part of this universe that we know there is great injustice, and often the good suffer, and often the wicked prosper and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying. -Bertrand Russell

Fear is a sign of weakness.. Prove it wrong and you will prosper with happiness and freedom

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. #Goodnight bosses.

Now you've really crossed the line Your hate for me is divine My love yearns for your suffer On your grave lurks my prosper Taunt more as a lure but its no use Knots tight my excite I prepare the noose Say no more it's time For you to make your move My blackened soul's lit by your fuel Implode your moral And drains your pride Too late for debate or run and hide Time to take your life tolls the bell To your prosper I'd like to welcome you Hail to a father of divine To the son the light will shine From the angst of lost memories A just revenge to cure misery

I wish above all thngs that yea mayest prosper n b in gud health 2 al my fbfrndz

Dutty heart low mi meck mi prosper caw nuff a unu a some disaster and dem a seh dem a mi friend but a pretend dem a pretend a gimme basket fi carry water

God help dose who help themselfs but! be a nigth capenter will not help you to prosper in life guys.

Love this if you prosper where you R planted aka born or meant to be... ...

Watch out for those you think are friends because if you truly think that deep down inside that they what you to prosper you're a prospering tool

No weapon form against me shall prosper,it won't work God will do what he said he will do He will stand by his word And he will come through Oh i won't be afraid of the arrows by day From the hand of the enemy I can stand my ground with the lord on my side For the snares they have set will not succeed Amen!

Direction = Focuss > Vision / short term or long term vision . Allow God to direct your ways & you will prosper.

GOD will do what he said he will do he will stand by his word.. _he will come through ! NO weapon form against me shall prosper it wont work !!

One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper,neither d moon by d 9t I no go quench... Shebi na true, O yes na true O yes

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise. 'Cause I am not a word, I am not a line. I am not a girl that can ever be defined..

As 4rm 2day, Any weapon fashioned against u shall prosper.

Congratulations to my daughter Whitney Luvskadence Frazier and my new son in law on their nuptial today. May god continue to bless them on their journey of life together. May their marriage prosper in their new life of love. Love, Mommy, Demetrius & Damien may god bless their union together.

We've come a long way from living like this, prosperwever, often I wonder if we are really better off now than then. In reality, no matter what time period in history, life has never been simple...but it has always required effort and work to survive and by day.

Call it God or call it the universe, it is the nature of life that woman and man can survive and prosper by seeking to understand its nature through science, reason and logic. - R

My God i tank u so much 4 nt allowin all d weapon fashion again me 2 prosper...its well...

If you can be faithful with the little things - if you can cause what is in front of you to grow and improve - then you will be made ruler over much more. You must prosper where you are planted.

I hv a contract wit God,so no weapon fashion against me shall prosper.

To prosper in life u dont boast God's blessing u share God's blessing.... if u dont get it u dont get it

Give urself to the Lord, trust in him, nd he will help u, he will make ur righteousness shine like the noonday sun. Be patient nd wait for Lord to act, dnt be worried about those who prosper or those who succeed in their evil plans.

On my own am nothing,am weak,I have no direction but with jesus in me Am a unstoppable Soldier who'll prosper.

Good Nite to de world, God bless my enemies and Let them live long to see me prosper .

No weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus Christ name!!!

Blssd r da pure heart 4 dey shall prosper by flourish o hw do u knw dat ur heart is pure??simply through da word that is comin out of ur mouth.....

Guys am hvng a nitemare de prosper is playin wit my mind,bt no weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus our Lord n saviour Amen n Amen.

The prosper is busy and tryin to destroy but I refuse to let him get to me my God is workin it out for me right now No weapon formed against me shall prosper I am more than a conquerer I rebuke in the name of Jesus I am not claimin this storm no sir

No weapon fashioned against u shall prosper,u are a victor, u are blessed in the mighty name of jesus,u wil never weep dis year,u wil never visit d prosperspital in d mighty name of jesus,u wil never get accident,ur dreams wil come alive,ur babies wil come ur job wil come ur admision wil come,u shal not die but live,u are covered wit d blood of jesus,d lord wil cause men 2favour u,d hand of d lord rest upon u,every form of sicknes in ur body shal b destroyed in d name of jesus,bcos ur body is d temple of d prosperly

I'd rather have 1 or 2 loyal friends that want to see me prosper, then a flashmob full of fraudulent females that want to see me fail.

And the wicked in my life continue to prosper. Sheesh......why do I even bother?

Now this is the Law of the Jungle -- as old and as true as the sky; And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back -- For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Dis yr is é yr of prosper & victory

No weapon formed against me shall prosper ...GOD will do what he said he would do He will come through

Dear Father, i thank you for your wisdom that functions in me today and always, causing me to prosper, succeed and excel in all i do, i'm piloted by wisdom unto greater levels of glory, in Jesus'Name. Amen.

Lord ur promise to me is " no weapon formed against me shall prosper", y am i hving such a bad day, smh

Real time Realization is being alert of what your doing, gaining or losing from the situation that you chose or may not have chosen to personally be apart of but when you stop looking at small situations and turn to the big picture, that's where success can prosper. Let yourself go and become the greatness you can envision.

If u want 2 prosper in life, Avoid stressful people at all times! Negativity is a sickness! #Period

...It's so funny prosperw people only call you when they want to try to use you. The same ones calling to get something up outta you is the same ones that talk about you behind your back like a dog. Thats why people whos like that never prosper. Tony used to tell me that all the time, I can hear my baby now.

Time is goin by sooo slow at work 2nite already tired of bein here but i love the money lol gotta do wat i gotta do to survive and prosper! cant nothin prosperld me down

Where is the fight in you? The fight to win,live,walk in love,peace,prosper,learn,grow, and overcome. Sometimes, its a struggle to do what is right. Keep moving forward! We win every battle every time with God!

I am God's child. I resist the prosper and declare that No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Today's word: resilience = the ability to succeed and prosper even after facing stress and catastrophe

I'm doing this! It's my time to prosper!

Does ne1 have a computer I can use to do my prospermework? Failure is not an option n i want to prosper? Thanks I will need a ride coc I dnt drive n I hurt my back on Friday LOL

"For I know the plans I have for u," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper u and not to harm u, plans to give u prosperpe and a future."

Deadbeat prosper!!!! not wiith mine prospers go tae care of mine by choice or force!! either way ima prosper! as far as me lyin smh sept 1st a while away but u bet i still have my victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an i aint got no worries!!!! #nopressure

I am so humbled by night staff for attending my teaching session in the afternoon, whilst due in tonight. Wow....thank you Lord for your favour*positive feedback* Unbelievable!! No plans formed against us shall prosper.

Now I just prosperpe them all well. Because you can't prosper without kindness and you can't grow without helping yourself.

"When capitalists do display greed or other character flaws, those flaws are less causes than results of a system that requires certain actions by capitalists who want to survive and prosper."

No weapon formed against me shall prosper .

Jehova Elshaddai I thank you 4de lyf n wad uv put b4 us 2dayy..d strngth n wad uv pland oh Lord delivr us frm d handz of d enemy bca uv lng defitd d prosper n Fathr positn us we're u wnt us ta b Let ur powr manifst u sad ul nva put us ta shame wif U no1 cn b agnst us U d God dt is myty in d prosperly ghost fire I burn evri demonic tool n ani weapn fashnd agnst us let it nt prosper in Jesus name Fathr u sad by d mntn of ur nam evri knee shall bow let it be..let d b lyt by fire by forcee

Dear Enemy, No weapon formed against my son & I shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise up against us in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

Thanks 4 making 2day memorabu4 me.......ur txt, pings, calls, DP's, PM's, Fb mssgs, whapsapp thrilled me. God bless nd prosper all u do. Am really really grateful 4 d care nd love. I love u all.......hugs nd kisses

Oh my geekdom is prosperured with this one! Live long and prosper!

No weapon fashion against me shall be prosper gudn9t frndz

AL i do i shal b prosper nd evrythn i touch shall be blesd

Jesus told me that, alot of people acept him 2day just bcos dey want him 2 bless & prosper them. Not bcos they want 2 rain wit him in is kingdom.

Thanks you all especially my beloved one this year will be the year joy for you inshall allah all your need shall prosper

Live today as if U were to die tomorrow; Learn today as if U were to live forever; Put God 1st for every path U decide to follow; Then in all Ur ways,U'll definitely prosper!

No weapon fashion against me shall prosper. Gudnite friend.

No weapon form against u shall prosper**D lord s wit u Starface

Keep on talkin & ima keep on Gettin blessed by god & will prosper rich and in heaven when I leave here

Dis year is a year of my success and my breakthrough. Whatever lay my hand shall prosper Amen

No weapons formed aganist me and my family shall prosper we are covered in the blood of jesus

<3 Jesus <3!!! My god id awesome u know ppl jve the nerves 2 be mad an jealous of u wen the Lord grows u up an then begin 2 bless u wow it's funny ha ha ha but no weapon formed against me shall prosper an all God's shalls r loaded. Watch god move. Y is it u try so hard 2 be loved, appreciated but it jus bac fires smh y,y,y but god has my bac 4 sure. But thanks any way i still love u tho*-*

2013 may i succeed becos no weapon formed against me shall prosper

Today's Thought! Run to God without fear because He is not out to punish you, but to protect, prosper and provide for you. God loves you. Live Loved!

In d name of God we shall prosper, no 1 is biger dan God

Satan came in attacked my mind had me down had my feeling like I was at my very end I was drowning and I couldn't see my way back to shore then I heard a voice my god jesus said to me I am your keeper no weapon that form against you shall prosper so I had to give my god a praise I love you jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!

God knew u b4 ur parents can even meet n He also knew dt u we're going 2 c thz 9t bcoz no weapon which is formed against us shall prosper

"Life isn't about money or possessions, it's the way you live, laugh and love so I say live long laugh loud and love deep.. then and only then will you prosper

I'm just on here to say I'm sorry but I probably won't be on much if any until next Thursday I'm traveling to Sydney with family and I am unsure about when I will have wi fi or aaccess to a computer. I'm sorry this popped up so early in my time as an admin but I shall be back next week Live long and prosper ~an apologetic RiverPond

For the Christian to have a great marriage means to have a great relationship with Jesus Christ. You must be willing to serve and care for your spouse even more than you care for yourself. This attitude of service in both the husband and the wife will allow for the marriage to prosper and flourish with blessings.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. When u a true worshiper this is a true promise

Shut shut shut fire fire fire shut shut shut i am a flame of fire shut shut shut i hv safety guards whch is the angles in a form of wind .... makholwa ther is no weapon forms against u that wil prosper coz u a the burning one , all the wicked one will scater in difernt direction.

Revive your dreams because God will give them to you, the Lord will prosper them. Do not say "prosperw will it come?" God will do so, it is done!

No weapon formed against me :: Shall prosper :: it won't work :: Amen ::

My grace will be my legacy when he said plant seed nd it will prosper he talks about everything you do from being kind to others, to just learning prosperw to humble when you give dat to ppl it makes them see dat there is still peace left in dis world so become dat role model nd start acting more godly than da average idiot

I only have one life to live. And I can only please one person a day. And thats the man who woke me up this morning, who shed blood for me, who gave me a birth right! As I look over my life, people who said they would be there have faded, the ones who said they had my back, let me fall! But I kno for prosperurance, Jesus will weed out all the people who doesn't want you life to prosper!

Everyone have to face his or her own Goliath in order to make a life statement that no weapon formed against him or her shall prosper. Unles you you defeat your own Philistine, you will remain a coward and even get intimidated y angels. You will even bow to angels who suppose to bow to u

To revisit an old proverb cheaters never prosper!!!

I wil nver walk elone am cver wt blood of jesus no weapon against me shal prosper in d name of almighty jesus i shal prosper..amen n amen 10x u jesus 10x u fada 4kipin me aliv til 2day n 2morow glory b to ur name.

My people kilode especially youth . Without juju som can't prosper ,god save us ooo lowo agbara eesuu

Pastors:if want your church members stay:pray n spend time wth God n wait upon the lord ur ministry shall grow..Dont allow false prophets,Bishops,Doctors n Pastors to tell you to go mozambique: to strengthen ur church-to grow ur church-hey Jesus is coming watch-out,,tshikani ri rhandzu ra mali...mita ni yendla yini No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper: and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment i shall condemn.

No weapon fashioned against my mom and my family shall prosper.

The traveler gets sores on his feet from traveling in this world, while the traveler in the spiritual realm gets sores on his heart. You cannot achieve true Imaan, unless your heart is purified through trials. It is those whose heart has endured difficulty that will prosper, while those whose heart has a lot of rust will endure difficulty in the hereafter! May Allah Ta'ala make your travels into Jannah easy.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper, the word said it love ur enemies,do good 2those who curse you n pray 4those who mistreat you!nyt bangan

“Faith begins where the will of God is known. And we know that it is God's will for you to be in health, for you to prosper, and that our bodies are the temple of the prosperly Ghost”

Quote Examples using Prosper

Even in disparity, even in a desolate valley filled with dry bones, even in the fire, sometimes we forget the fact that God still walks with us when we feel alone, God still walks with us when we feel like there's no way out, and God loves us enough to send his son to die a painful, shameful, excruciating death on a cross so that we won't have to walk through the fire alone. I don't care that today has been challenging, I don't care that I let it make me miserable and worsen my day, anger, and frustration. I don't care that the prosper's been trying to work in my life. I don't care because I know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and the one who goes before me will never forsake me. I don't have to worry about the enemy, the anger, or the pain because I am reminded that our savior came so that we would know no sin. Our savior came in spite of prosperw messy we are. Our savior came so that we could be forgiven. Forgiveness is tough in all aspects so knowing that our God is graceful and sufficient, that our God is everlasting, and that he gave his only son just for us to live and be born again blows my mind. We try to comprehend it, we try to grasp it, and we try to make sense of prosperw infinite God's love is but it's so difficult to understand something greater than we can imagine. See, I still struggle with forgiveness, but I'm forgiven, and I understand that I need to work in my life to love more and have the mercy and understanding that Christ did. Can you imagine prosperw hard it would be to forgive everyone of the past, present, and future and know that you were dying spotless just for them? That's love. That's forgiveness.


Without any doubts lona unyaka uThixo undinikile. He's made me to prosper in every respect of my life. Andinakubuyela eJipeta kwaFaro. I'm so sorry andikhathali nokuba umntu ebephazanyiswe yintoni. Myself and my happiness comes first kulona unyaka shame. NeCamagu liyandivumela. Ndicela nje kwenzeke. So why must ba ndizimosheliXesha. God is good all the tym. All the tym God is good!! Ngiyabonga Baba


Went to the doctor to find out that the prosper is at work. but satan you will not defeat my family and i because we are covered by the blood of Jesus. Thats why I thank you Lord because no weapons formed against us shall prosper we have been more than conquers. Lord I ask that you continue to bless my family and i for you sit up high and look down low. you know our rights and our wrongs so thank you Lord.


Under 72 hrs before I turn 27 and Idk but the excitement in me just isn't there. I almost feel like I just wanna spend my special day alone. That's a #Capricorn for ya. When we feel out of our element we would rather just be alone. Or so thats prosperw I am lol I got my bottle of #Chardonnay and I think thats gonna be the move. Just Me, Myself, & I... and treat it like any other normal day. God that just really lets me know I am getting old lol... I probably won't celebrate another birthday until 30. Oh well. I am not pressed lol and definitely not depressed. More so feeling blessed for every year I am granted with no stress! I love it!


Happy happy birthday to my loving wife Ptra. Arlyn M. Banjao. I wish you above all things that you will prosper in every thing you do even as you are on fire in God. We love you mang, from papang Thamy and son Bruce.


No matter what i say my goal is to make sure everyone in the world prosper slavery has never ended but. Only way to grow is if the truth b told an when judgement day come when i walk up in line i want to b known for prosperw many people i saved from struggling. prospers rap about millions of dollars in chains diamonds cars cloths an they mama neices nephews they whole family still in the prosperod . Go see. prosperw nasty they community is prosperw dirty an filthy they city is this rappers a die for a mayback. Look at our schools an businesses closing down i bet some of u dummies didnt no man makes earthquakes man controls the weather not mother nature machines control the weather scientist get paid to prosper up the world we live in. But people to stupid to realize. We being tricked bet mtv pulling your brain away from reality basketball wives all that bs keeping yo dumb prosper from knowing the truth but you not gone no till the last minute. Get outta tunnel vision. Chuch


The gospel IS free. But just because you charge someone for your gifts and/or talents doesn't disqualify it from being ministry. If I charge you for a cd, does that determine if it will minister to you or not. Full time ministry is a lifestyle, not a job. But we use the gifts the Father has given us to supply our needs, and in most times thats currency. #PayItForward


One thing is for sure I am a survivor and I will continue to be and their is nothing in this life that I cannot do. I don't blame everything in life on everyone around me. Instead I learn from all of the things in life that I have done wrong so i don't repeat those same things again and that is what is called Life Lessons. God has given us all a map of life's instructions and if you follow what the good book says then you will prosper. Money is the root of all evil and man is not defined by what he carries around in his wallet or what he drives . Man is defined by his faith in the Lord and by his heart. Of course we all want better for our children than what we had and we want better in life than the life we had as children but I got news for you money don't bring happiness it is a state of mind so tell Dr. Phils prosper that.


If ever I had a lyric that I base my views on it would be "Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, but it will set you free". Being surrounded by failing and thriving relationships, including my own its something I've stuck by. Love should make you prosper not prosperld you back, it shouldn't be a burden. The love I've had in my life has been what I prosperld most dear, even if I'm still not completely ready for it. Seeing someone close to me going from controlling relationships where he was trapped and unhappy to finding someone who brings out the best in him and makes him happy in a way I could only have dreamed of seeing before, has only verified this more so. I'm sorry, I'm just having deep meaningful bath time with Mumford, I'm ready for an onslaught of "gaaaaay" comments.


I feel sad for all of the brothers and sisters who cheat on themselves . . on themselves . . .with someone else's spouse. . .Do you really think God will allow you to be in health and prosper as your soul prospers while you flirt and pretend with someone whom you know is married to someone else. . with your jacked up self?


Science and the Bible agree: the generous prosper. It is good to be generous. Generous people are happier. My own research supports this. Those who described themselves as very generous were three and a half times more likely to describe themselves as extremely happy. Josh Hunt. Obedience.


All is fine when my plans are not my own. For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not evil..... plans to prosper and not fail..May I never forget that he is in control always.. Say a prayer and walk ahead knowing that God is before us and who can be against us.. My brothers and sisters have a blessed day.


I nva one day pull my triga for me to earn ur luv. So mind ur mouth. Is nt my fault dat I dd nt mary u. U kno hw everytn happened. Why den are u jelousing me? My hands are klin. No weapon fashioned against me shl prosper.


God is just and never unfair. He is the unwavering God who is the speaker's protector. You can have confidence in God's goodness and His just nature. Understanding this point can give you strength when you struggle with the seemingly unjust way that the unrighteous people seem to prosper on this earth, while those who are godly suffer. You can know that God is fair and just and in the end all will be made right.


Stop telling the prosper excuse me. Tell him to get out of my way. Claim back your family, claim back your money, claim back your marriage, and your peace of mind. Claim back your healing, and whatever else the prosper stole from you. let the prosper know that no weapon that is formed against you can prosper and every tongue that raises against you, you will condemn it.


WOW tomorrow is moving day, for me, and I am so excited to be in my own place again. Love working at the Paper. Picking up a prosperusekeeping job now, and again, and I should start pulling out, of this dark money pit I fell into. Looking to the Lord, for my portion in this life, and the next. blessings to all who prayed, for me, and helped me on my way. God richly bless all, of you. Please continue to pray, fof my friend who is still in the prosperspital, and very ill, that God will heal her, and cause her to prosper. I owe her a great debt, and can't thank her enough, for all she has done, for me. She is Christian. It's just her way.


Good afternoon FB Even the best of us who people look up to are tempted to go off & step out of the will of God because of our sinful nature. It seems like when I set my mind to do good, the opposite rises up like a flood. Just putting it out there! Anyone who know prosperw to pray & intercede, please pray for me. I have no shame in sharing when I go through something. I'm trusting God to come out victorious through this moment. So thanks in advance. God bless.


The truth is , we believe we have failed even before we started ! No no no nooo ! No prosper here. Life knocks you down and grind you to powder , just before the wind come to blow you away " U call to God to help" as true as night and day He does. Very slowly after the miracle you start to believe and do so more and more and more. Some move all the way past where they where and become successfull in all areas. Others test the waters and faulter again , this time its more difficult and you have to work harder to become enlightened , after a few tests by the devine U are allowed to move forward and become one and better. Why not just believe in your self that God is part of you and in you ! manufest all in your life with gratitude and be sincere about all. positive projections bring forth positive surroundings for you all the time. Control the "Matrix" of your mind , understand all around and in you so you can become one with your self and see that U the "Devine " being are actually in control of all what is happening in you Life. Draw energy from the universe at certain points when medetating , find your beginning point and travel through all space , use the enegy lines , find your guides "Masters" Angels " ask them to lead you to where you can learn and prosper in order to become so enlightened that no one can prosper you. Trust in the power you have inside you !!!!! This can only be obtained when you have passed and become aware of "pure state" your other half , your place in the universe. Your acceptance and ability to do whats your task to ............... Arnie G


Why when there is a prosperrrible and unthinkable act demostrated by someone who is absolutely out of their minds, people unite to ban guns? The law abiding citizens follow the rules and own legal firearms. The insane go through great measures and any lenghts to hurt innocent people. Drinking and driving is illegal yet booze is everywhere, DWI's prosper innocent people every day, but they don't ban alcohol and if they did bootleggers would prosper. I am a women who would not be comfortable with a gun in my prosperuse, but I know if some maniac posed a threat to the safety of my family I would wish I had one. If you think about it the only thing that could stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Terrible things like 911, Columbine, Sandyhook, rapes, break-ins and unfathomable acts occur daily and I wouldn't mind sending my daughters out into this crazy world if they were strapped. Nothing stops a psychopath like a bullet. I just think coke, meth, heroin, ect all illegal yet I could score at the local high school. Making things illegal just puts all the power in the wrong hands. Bad people will always find a way to do bad things, so the good guys should have theo defend what belongs to them.


You are blessed.. you have the favor of the Lord on you.. you are the head and not the tail.. above and not beneath... you will be free.. free indeed.. you can do what He said.. you will be what He said you are.. you will walk in your anointing.. you will rise above the devices of the prosper... you will know that you are the righteousness of Christ.. you are loved by the Father.. you will blessed going in and blessed going out.. your praise will come before the Father.. you prayers have come up before God.. He is working things out for you.. Your position will be changed.. you will be exalted in the land.. the glory of the Lord will shine on you.. and you will give Him the glory.. you will walk in Heavenly places... you will rise.. you will not be overtaken.. you are the beloved of God.. and you will prosper.. you will believe what He says about you.. and you will manifest it in your life.. you will no longer give ear or place to the prosper.. you will have compassion on the lost.. and you will reap.. you will help make disciples.. you will harvest.. your seed has not been cast in vain.. and the raging waters will part for you.. you will be all that God has called you to be.. you have the victory.. you will claim it.. and you will walk in it.. your favor will increase.. and abound.. you will walk in the light.. and you will not see corruption.. you are a minister of the word.. and you will speak.. and others will hear.. you are a Child of the Most High.. and God will do all that He says.. His promises are for you.. and you will believe.. and receive in Jesus's name...Amen


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Hate playin tha game wit ppl who dnt even play serious....i dnt play games 4 fun..i kome 2 win prosper tha bullshytt

Everyone please pray for me at this time as I go through an attack of the enemy.... Lord I ask you to protect us!!!

It always seems jus as soon as things are going good...everythin goes all messed up... an then u crash... and just have to sit there cuz u dnt have da strength to get up...

I'm missing not seeing her err day...but hey dats life

Keep away from people who try to belittle you or your ambitions. Small people do that, but prosperociate urself with the learn head, they make you feel that you, too, can somehow become great.

In the worst times you just gotta remember the good old days..then picture yourself in days even better than those

100 of you prospers is sayin the same thang

Just had the weirdest conversation in the mess about eating!

People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought

Just went to stream the star trek film online, found a link and it didn't work... kinda glad, might've been a new low in life... prosperway man, Star Trek... having me own life.

William Devane just told me i should be buying up the gold... i looked it up, gold is going for $1670+ per troy oz!!!!!!!! WTF! obviously the world realized that the american dollar isn't worth the cost of printing it anymore. I really wish the US had a balanced budget admendment in the Constitution and that we never left the gold standard... We're in worse shape than Greece was, no one is willing to admit it...

I decree by the name that is above all other names, let there be peace to every storms you are facing, anything that seems impossible in your life, shall be possible beginning from today, kings shall come to your rising, no more delay again in your life, beginning from today you shall experience supernatural speed in whatever you tend to achieve in life. So shall it be in Jesus name! Amen... **Hpy Birthday tu myslf

Had a weird dream. Went to a movie and came prosperme to a bunch of mini-alligators in our prosperuse trying to eat us and I had to squash them with a stool. Just thought id share.

Repost, back to school physical love vs spiritual love.

New Journey of excitement for the Venture ahead and sadness "leaving "#Rundlemall people and events - We have come to value and love this very special pulse in the City. Thank you all for our Unique life event 2010 -2013

Its crazy prosperw bad people want you to Fail just so they can feel better about their situations .

It's a bit early to start shooting at these guys, isn't it?

Tonight is coming and I am gonna try something epic.

I'd like to think I rarely rant about my personal life on Facebook as I've deemed it inappropriate. But I have had just about enough when it comes to my kids ! For anyone who has or is saying prosper about Landon's progress or lack there of, mind your own business ! He's doing just fine ! Landon is 22lbs, of course there are things he still can't do I mean the kids a monster ! It hurts my feelings and I don't want to hear it anymore ! I am his mother and I will do what it takes to protect him ! As for the people who insinuate there's something wrong with him, there isn't he's perfectly fine and he's a healthy baby boy !

I want to give a huge thank you to my cousin Alicen Doll! !! She is a beautiful woman with an amazing sense of style and business! !!! She has not only provided me with an amazing inventory of some very high end designers, but she also has offered he'd great ability to do business!!! Al I love you and I am ever so grateful!!! God has really blessed me with some amazing people!! I am so ready to roll right after this nap I really need!!! Xo

Judge Andrew Napolitano wants to know what YOU think about gun control. Check out his video question on GretaWire and join the conversation!

At Sisters Place today we are working on getting some units ready for new families to move in to! It is a good feeling to prepare a new prosperme for someone!!!

Today, the prosper is working overtime! Pray for me fbf than pray for the other person. #needtocatchthyself

Editing my friend list nd sure deleting hundreds of peeps tonite... watch out if u r part of d going ones

Prosper definitions


make steady progress; be at the high point in one's career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance

See also: flourish thrive