Propulsion in a sentence as a noun

Flight path like a Concorde, propulsion like a rail-gun.

Yes, Hydrogen gives you much more impulse, and so for a given degree of propulsion, you can use less fuel by weight.

He'd been borrowing all my college textbooks on rocketry and propulsion.

I was working with the propulsion team, and my task was to go through all of the blueprints, count components, and document their mass.

So, it seems from reading the paper's abstract that they did measure thrust both from the real propulsion test device and from the dummy test device.

But from what I've read about the loss of the spacecraft, a leading theory is that one of the valves in the propulsion system failed and that led to the explosion.

By backporting electric propulsion onto an existing SUV platform.

The foam\nslowed down rapidly because such low-density objects have\nlow ballistic coefficients, which means their speed rapidly\ndecreases when they lose their means of propulsion.

Some technical background: in addition to the propulsion electrical system, the Tesla has a conventional 12V electrical system for running lights, radio, door locks, computers, etc.

Propulsion definitions


a propelling force


the act of propelling

See also: actuation