How to use Potion in a sentence as a noun

"But, hey, there is this magic potion which I can buy.

Minecraft is much more than that, it has redstone circuits, farming, mobs, structures, biomes, potion brewing, netherworld, fire, etc...\nMind you, I don't want to belittle anyone's efforts.

This let us make a great soup, a great potion, without worrying about who had what idea.

[1]: Example, I recently saw a Harry Potter set that used a combination of a translucent 1x1 brick and brown stud to create 'potion bottles.

Normal game: You pick up an unknown potion. Do you drink it?

" What incentive does a company have to move you from a position you are competent and useful in to a potion you are incompetent and useless in?

You treat MOM not the daughter with a harmless magic potion.

For example, you can dip an object into another object if it's a potion, a fountain, a sink.

If you dip a potion into another potion, you might make a new potion; or dilute the original; or bless or curse the original.

It must be of some comfort to look back now and realize that you only bore a small part of the blame, and that ultimately a large potion of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of whomever set up the dev environment like that, as well as whomever cancelled backups.

Potion definitions


a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage