How to use Postdate in a sentence as a verb

If there is anyone out there that can answer a legal question for me I appreciate it. Is it legal to postdate a check?

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Easy Rebus 1. pp 8-21-1990 9-21-2011 2. Ps%e 3. xy./e 4. /oooooouuuuuu 5. /I/ Additional pt for explanation *indicate the item number *one answer per comment *wrong spelling is wrong *hit like ~ cat eyes ~


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It's so frustrating that i can't give birth in the place of my choosing because i can't afford to pay for out-of-network care. apparently, constant attention from a midwife during labor is very expensive. do i have to resign to constant drip from a forced iv instead? mn moms, where did you deliver?

Really hate that my bf plays video games all day like a 12 yr old

My jax made it thru the night! Somthings wrong but he's a fighter so postdatepefully he will make it!

I am definitely one of those people that wait till the last min to buy anything that is truly needed, but I bought the bassinet and newborn diapers for the baby tonight! Only 24 days before we get to meet her! Natali

Postdate definitions


establish something as being later relative to something else


be later in time

See also: follow