Porous in a sentence as an adjective

The fun part is that the paywall is extremely porous.

The bag is porous causing some of the water to evaporate slowly as you drive.

If you make the pellet highly porous, this can be proportional to its volume.

They're too thin and not at all spongy or porous, so the condensation will creep all the way around to the table side.

A porous paywall should lower pageviews but not uniques.

That's one reason the dupe detector is deliberately left porous: to give good stories multiple cracks at the bat.

"Looks like the barrier between social network/forums etc. & official record are pretty porous.

I'm pretty sure aerographite is porous, and the numbers you're quoting don't count the mass of the air permeating the aerographite.

The critical thing that put it well into the future was the fact that it made the boundary between users and programmers even more porous.

The sierras hold massive amounts of high-quality water, which runs out of the non-porous terrain of the high-alpine regions.

The house construction methods are inherently porous, and mice have infiltrated the entire structure.

"To date, most successful attacks against Chrome exploit Adobe Flash, which is protected by a significantly more porous sandbox.

Recharging it isn't that simpleWe use zeolite as a water scavenger in high vacuum systems, it's tremendously good at grabbing onto water BUT because it's so porous and very low thermal conductivity it's a real pain to heat it enough to get all the water out again.

Good stories should have more than one crack at the bat, or sheer randomness would prevent many from ever getting seen.\nIf you pay close enough attention to HN that those two previous submissions counted as already having seen the story, you're way beyond the 99th percentile!That's why we leave the dupe detector so porous.

The obvious standing order for a bad guy would be if you get caught, yet are not drone attacked or sent to the concentration camp in cuba, then being busted should be the immediate signal to enter our completely porous and open borders via non-traditional routes, and "do your thing" since you're obviously of no further use undercover.

I haven't worked in the VA, personally, so I am relating a lot of stuff second-hand, but the boundary between most hospitals' QI staff, the IHI, and the VA tends to be pretty porous, if you're in a healthcare capitol city - so I've heard a lot about the VA from co-workers that have worked there, or are currently engaged in ops research there.

"At the time of entry into the Earths atmosphere on 29 December 2012, the parent body of the Polonnaruwa meteorite would have had most of its interior porous volume filled with water, volatile organics and possibly viable living cells"Begs the question..."A few percent carbon as revealed by EDX analysis confirms the status of a carbonaceous meteorite.

Dikes won't stop water seeping up through the porous limestone which Miami is built on, nor are they practical for protecting the everglades or any of the existing fresh water and sewerage systemsI think the bigger problem is that the resources for dealing with this sort of catastrophe will be stretched very thin when every coastal city the world over is trying to deal with rising water levels.

Porous definitions


able to absorb fluids; "the partly porous walls of our digestive system"; "compacting the soil to make it less porous"


full of pores or vessels or holes

See also: poriferous


allowing passage in and out; "our unfenced and largely unpoliced border inevitably has been very porous"

See also: holey