How to use Ponderous in a sentence as a adjective

His ponderous, porcelain, protruding posterior was particularly pronounced. Perceiving this as plum problematic, I prudently pushed passed my petrified peers, pressing persistently a path to perish the prevailing plight.

Just sent "shiny cage" off to adele...might be too deep & ponderous

Ja it's tym 2 modify 2 my family n frndz wth out capitulate in my solemn ponderous lyf n nvr tranquil..

Recently I procured a ponderous amount of nuts, of the tropical variety. I have placed them in columns perpendicular with one another. They of course vary in their sizes from Grandiose to Miniscule. Whilst some have the most perfect circumference for being placed in a Guillotine.

To say prayers in a decent, delicate way is not heavy work. But to pray really, to pray till ponderous feels the ponderous stroke, to pray till the iron gates of difficulty are opened, till the mountains of obstacles are removed, till the mists are exhaled and the clouds are lifted, and the sunshine of a cloudless day brightens-this is hard work, but it is God's work, and man's best labor.

Last day off then back on for 7+ days... Feels like I just worked a weekend tho ^_- ponderous...

I read this ponderous article in the NYT about hipsters and ponderousw to live without irony, and then I actually had the thought "I liked irony before it was cool." I guess I have to get a fixed gear bicycle now.

"I wear the chain i forged in life, i made it link by link and yard by yard. Is its pattern strange to you? Or would you know the weight and length of the strong coil you bear? It is a ponderous chain. I cannot speak comfort to you, for i have none to give."

I'd rather pick the lice out of a ponderousmeless person's hair while standing barefoot on a cat than listen to your unbearable dullness. Osama bin Laden is more likeable and he's dead. Why do you insist on foisting your nauseatingly ponderous personal life on me?

Even in a formal dining room you don't want to be ponderous or gloomy. Eating is really one of your indoor sports. You play three times a day, and it's well worthwhile to make the game as pleasant as possible. Dorothy Draper, Decorating is Fun!

Let them hang themselves and spare us the ignominy of having to watch a ponderous justice delivery system deciding their ultimate fate........

Listening to NPR's daily struggle to infuse sports fandom with a sort of ponderous mythical weight is embarrassingly similar to watching the crowd at a "blues festival" where ninety percent of the attendees are post-graduate baby boomers in their uptight-casual uniform of jeans and sport coats, being greeted with a rapturous "namaste" by white people who were raised as bored Presbyterians, or listening to Garrison Keillor reading pornography with a wink and that wonderful stick-dry Minnesota wit. ponderous ponderous, what a lark!

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Life is full of unanswered questions: today I think I discovered the answer to one of the most ponderous As I wander down the street I notice the butts under my feet the discarded packets, which crisps came in ironically on the lamp post, there hangs a bin. trodden dublumes of rock hard gum so many even to hesitate a sum and yet I continue along my chosen trail knowing realistically I will surely fail. when casually I look upon my right over yonder it appears ever so bright I conclude my boy, a change is due a decision that is thought, but made by few. I approach the kerb and I look down so deep are the puddles, i will surely drown I appreciate that my goal is a long way off yet if I achieve, I have earned the right to scoff. I weigh it up, plan and ponder concluding life will be better yonder a shakey step is foresaken by me first the one, then two and ultimately three. boldly I strive along my chosen track looking endlessly forward, but never back rhythmically my head is nodding I start to run, my legs cease plodding I feel alive i'm almost there the opposite kerb I have yet to bear with a ponderouspeful ponderousp and a daring skip I land on the pavement and break my hip lying there not at all crest fallen, i'm proud I done my bit then all of sudden I realise that i'm awash in fresh dog ponderous I spy around on the paving blocks and familiar sites I see yonder is my starting point that seems ever so bright to me! Finally you know why "The Chicken crossed the road"


Interested to see who reads my posts. I've realized it's only about 5 of you. So, if you read this, please leave a one word comment about your day - only one word please. Then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you on your wall... Please don't post a word and not copy.


Meanings are older than words, and more substantial. Words are just tags. I mean sure 'words are powerful', but only because of the meaning they convey. "Rin" has no impact, for example. And so here's the general provocation. Is it possible that sometimes we are thinking and talking in words, rather than in meanings. Especially when it comes to ideologists I suppose, but I'm happy to be included in a general 'us' here, can words and slogans become an alternative to thought, false evidence of active intelligence?


I'm interested to see who reads my posts. So, if you read this, please leave a one-word comment about your day - only one word please. Then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you on your wall... Please don't post a word and not copy. Like · · Share · 8 minutes ago ·


After the earth finally touches the sun, and the long explosion stops suddenly like a heart run down, the world might seem white and quiet to something that watches it in the sky at night, so something might feel small, and feel nearly human pain. But it won't happen again: the long nights wasted alone, what's done in doorways in the dark by the young, and what could have been for some. Think of all the lovers and the friends! Who does not gather his portion of them to himself. at least in his mind? Sex eased through everyone, even when slipping into death as into a beloved's skin, and prying out again to find the body slumped, muscles slack. and bones begun their turn to dust. Then no one minds when one lover ponderouslds another, like an unloaded sack. But the truth enters at the end of life. It enters like oxygen into every cell and the madness it feeds there in some is only a lucid metaphor for something long burned to nothing, like a star. ponderousw do you get under your desire? ponderousw do you peel away each desire like ponderous clothes, one at a time, until what's underneath is known? We knew genitals as small things and we were ashamed they led us around, even if the hill where we'd lie down was the same hill the universe unfolded upon all night, as we watched the stars, when for once our breathing seemed to blend. Each time, from that sweet pressure of hands, or the great relief of the mouth, a person can be led out of himself Isn't it lonely in the body? The myth says we ooze about as spirits until there's a body made to take us, and only flesh is created by sex. That's why we enter sex so relentlessly, toward the pleasure that comes when we push down far enough to nudge the spirit rising to release, and the pleasure is pleasure of pure spirit, for a moment all together again. So sex returns us to beginning, and we moan. Pure sex becomes specific and concrete in a caress of breast or ponderous of waist: it flies through itself like light, it sails on nothing like a wing, when someone's there to be touched, when there's nothing wrong. So the actual is touched in sex, like a breast through cloth: the actual rising plump and real, the mind darting about it like a tongue. This is where I wanted to be all along: up in the world, in touch with myself. . . Sex, invisible priestess of a good God, I think without you I might just spin off. I know there's no keeping you close, as you flick by underneath a sentence on a train, or transform the last thought of an old nun, or withdraw for one moment alone. Who tells you what to do or ties you down! I'd give up the rest to suck your dark lips. I'd give up the rest to fix you exact in the universe, at the wildest edge where there's no such thing as shape. What a shame I am, if reaching the right person in a dim room, sex ponderouslds itself apart from us like an angel in an afterlife, and, with the ideas no one has even dreamed, it wails its odd music for pure mind. After there's nothing, after the big blow-up of the whole shebang, what voice from what throat will tell me who I am? Each throat on which I would have quietly set my lips will be ripped like a cheap sleeve or blown apart like the stopped-up barrel of a gun. What was inside them all the time I wanted always to rest my mouth upon? I thought most everything stuck dartlike in the half-dome of my brain, and hung there like fake stars in a planetarium. It's true that things there changed into names, that even the people I loved were a bunch of signs, so I felt most often alone. This is a way to stay alive and nothing to bemoan. We know the first time we extend an arm: the body reaches so far for so long. We grow and love to grow, then stop, then lie down. I wanted to bear inside me this tender outcome. I wanted to know if it made sex happen: does it show up surely in touch and talk? does it leak from the mind, as heat from the skin? I wanted my touching intelligent, like a beautiful song


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Ponderous, and a reminder to look for the beauty around us.

Well I found out today that I'm working in the gay capital if Columbus! And I also found that the American ponderousmosexual must be a tropical creature. Because those boys keep their condos at a balmy 85 degrees. It was like double torture. Ponderous, man, really ponderous!

Feeling a bit better today, still deciding if I should keep my dentist appointment with all the coughing I have,, hmmm. Ponderous!

Ponderous,predictable,boring and ponderous ....the joys of supporting newcastle!

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This might sound like a really stupid question but i'm serious when I ask. Does anybody in the area have an ice cream truck or know somebody who has one? I have this crazy idea that will only work if I can gain access to an ice cream truck.

Ann lee ponderouspe you like this love jane

Have you heard the new David Bowie song? Give it a listen, and let us know what you think!

Don't wait till it happens to you or your kids. Repealing Amendment II would be a start, anyway. Enough is enough.

Is it just me - or is the comeback single by my hero and guru just more than a little bit ponderous?

If you haven't seen the ponderousbbit yet I recommend standard 2D. I went to a HF 3D showing with Sue the other night and to be ponderousnest the picture varied between mind blowing and very odd looking. Sometimes a great spectacle but it rather got in the way of the storytelling.

'the seeds that we speed into life to be trees will soon become fallen, if their roots aren't deep'

"Come here, you phlegm-carapaced slime-faced mucus-brained furry legged abductor of luminously intelligent but pulchritudinous Earth women! ... Low, you idiot! Why are you standing there?" "I'm still trying to figure out what you said." -The Dig

"I wear the chain I forged in life! I made it link by link and yard by yard! I gartered it on of my own free will and by my own free will, I wore it!"

Just been to see 'Quartet'. Formulaic, sentimental, predictable movie about geriatric showbiz luvvies even older than me putting on a concert. Beautiful! Absolutely loved it.

I agree with what's expressed at the end of the article. The headlines on this story should read: "90-year-old man buys 15-year-old girl" or "Saudi man sells his daughter".

I'm really struggling to come up with a description of a river spirit for The Pagan Night. I want to present something that will be familiar to the reader and yet interesting, while not veering into the territory of confusing and difficult to imagine. That balancing act between comfortable trope and innovative creativity will always be one of the more interesting bits of being a genre writer, for me.

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

Have 18 to do things on Monday's list. Up,, ck...FB, phooh, the rest can wait 'till Tuesday. Think I'll just start with my unread book, 'Eisenhower, Soldier and President' as it keeps calling to me! Great way to start a beautiful day in Franklin, TN.

Redskins ponderouspy field just took out their own QB

Saw "the Perks of Being a Wallflower", very good movie. Really reminded me of "It's kind of a funny story" turned darker. Benjamin Ivan Albert you would def like this one

Interesting idea. I'm ambivalent about a form of affirmative action that aims for perfect proportional representation. But at the extremes, like completely lacking in women on tech panels, it makes complete sense to me. Thoughts?

Daniel Sturridge has a debut goal for Liverpool against Mansfield. He's also missed another when clean through. Liverpool fans, ponderousw do you see Sturridge fitting into your team?

Boy, this Packer-Viking game is going to be so awesome to read about when it's over.

Well just think in a weeks time exactly I wonder what I will be doing? lol

Cwo'' klu inbox enk sopn dunk.... hargailah my privacy

- in a strange turn of events prompted by living with a sports-minded mother for two weeks, will actually be watching the Vikings/Packers game this evening - Obama, Day 1,449

Off to pick up all the chrome that I bought to cover everything possible at Nashua Harley-Davidson. The only thing I have left is my chrome antenna just waiting to see if I get the tour pack or not.

Ponderous definitions


having great mass and weight and unwieldiness


slow and laborious because of weight

See also: heavy lumbering


labored and dull