Placard in a sentence as a noun

Make a Stop/Go placard to hang on the outside.

It doesn't fit nicely on a propaganda placard.

My wife once corrected a museum placard dating a text based on the writing.

Those placards of gruesome images - do they change anyone's opinion?

A footnote or adjoining placard of "this fruit produced with seeds licensed from Monsanto" would do just fine.

Can someone explain to me why this page starts with a picture captioned "know thyself" of a cow reading a placard about cows?

Doesn't the placard at Jimmy Jon's say something like "You can't tell how nice a person is by how they treat you, watch how they treat the waiter.

Placard in a sentence as a verb

While at it, do you also recommend carrying a holier than thou placard to appeal any wandering criminals to change their ways?

That's like saying that anti-war protesters should just stop showing up, "because, duh, we all know war is bad, so just put your little placard down, already.

Not to detract from the fact the app isn't ready yet, but you don't need an app to get where you're going if you can read a placard that's literally at every subway.

Around my office, where there are lots of restaurants and other businesses, most of the parking is taken all day by handicap placard using commuters.

In this analogy the placard-wielders are the "anti-vaxxers".I guess I'm trying to say that mockery and ridicule are using emotion to try to change behaviours, but they create the wrong emotions and are counter-productive.

The poor motivated person makes a placard and goes to his congressman, where the rich motivated person donates the max the congressman and would get 30 minutes of Congressman's time during fund raising or some other "social" event.

Should I carry around a placard denouncing the sexists everywhere I go?Should I just take the word of someone who got burned by something that there's a huge problem, without anything beyond anecdotal evidence to back up the claim?Should I do the same for racists?

Placard definitions


a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement; "a poster advertised the coming attractions"

See also: poster posting notice bill card


post in a public place


publicize or announce by placards

See also: bill