Peristalsis in a sentence as a noun

One of the things it stimulates are your colonic muscles which can induce peristalsis.

Reading happens to be my hobby, too, along with peristalsis and respiration.

The way Robert Heinlein put it was something like this: "The end product of politics is like the result of peristalsis. It's not very pleasant, but it's no less vital to your health and well being."

Gas might even be caused by dysfunctional vagus though because this would prevent proper peristalsis. Try massaging your neck and see if that does anything, for better or worse.

And a few of the drawbacks of caffeine: • It causes peristalsis of the intestines, resulting in what might be called "premature" defecation. I have a hunch this reduces nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

Robert Heinlein once commented that politics is like peristalsis -- the result isn't very pretty, but it's necessary for life and you ignore it at your peril!

One other aspect I ignored in my earlier post is that the digestive tract actually needs solid mass in order to perform peristalsis. Hospitals have to avoid giving patients a liquid diet for too long, or else the digestive tract basically just stops and it's a pain in the *** to restart.

Stress/anxiety and other strong negative mental states can impact the functions of the GI tract's such as peristalsis and digestive efficiency of food. This in turn sets up a negative feedback loop as things like nutrient absorption declines and toxin levels rise worsening the functionality of the tract.

As SF author Robert Heinlein said through one of his characters, "Politics and peristalsis are similar, both in the quality of the outcome and the importance to your well-being and continued existence."

Another option is improving commutes from the outer boroughs and New Jersey - the Bronx has many affordable areas, but the 456 is a shitshow, and I'd rather move back to Texas than put up with the slow peristalsis that would become my commute. Buses aren't great, either, and suffer from a lot of the same problems that regular street traffic does.

The gut is not just a reaction flask; it's sheathed in muscle and innervated in such a way as to be responsive to the forces within it -- to continue peristalsis. Then again, a surprising amount of irritation can be traced back to a single, innocuous, natural and very popular ingredient that happens to be a lot more irritating -- specifically, it produces gas -- than people give it credit for: garlic powder.

On an infinite timescale, by naive extrapolation, the pie will in the future be expanding faster than the universe itself, to the point where a wafer-thin bite of pie will expand and rupture the esophagus before peristalsis can even push it into the stomach, and persons dying from attempted pie consumption will literally explode in a shower of pie. ~ Clearly, the parent post was substituting a hyperbolic term for the longest possible economic timescale, where new technologies may be invented and entirely new supply chains built based upon them.

I've been caffeine free for over 7 months and the health improvements make a good sized list: • Better digestion due to the lack of caffeine induced peristalsis • Insomnia completely gone • No feeling "hung over" every morning prior to consuming caffeine • No swings in energy level during the day except those traceable to hunger or physical fatigue • Complete disappearance of mood swings, both hypo-manic and depressive • Increased productivity due to a better ability to focus for long periods of time The one complaint that I have is that my creativity has dramatically decreased during this same period. Gone are the racing thoughts and flights of invention that had me continually coming up with new ideas.

Proper Noun Examples for Peristalsis

Exercise is critically important, when you digestion is in turmoil as peristalsis likely gets impacted, at least it did for me. Peristalsis is the undulation of the esophagus, stomach, and intestines which pushes food forward.

Peristalsis definitions


the process of wavelike muscle contractions of the alimentary tract that moves food along

See also: vermiculation