Pellet in a sentence as a noun

We don't have any pellet guns in the house.

One well-placed shot from a pellet rifle could bag you a drone and a cookware set.

Take the pellet gun away and he'll stab his victims with scissors.

"But occasionally I do get the damn pellet .

NIF just blows up a canister with a pellet and takes forever to reload a shot.

It's very easy to change the script to give you 100 points per pellet, or slow the update interval from 30 to 10.

If you make the pellet highly porous, this can be proportional to its volume.

For it to really feel like vim movement, I'd push two keys and the snake would jump to the next food pellet in insert mode...

You can have plenty of fun with a bb/pellet gun/bow&arrow that doesn't involve killing/wounding critters.

You would require a Bowden extruder to build a pellet-filament engine.

Jesus... I learned about firearm safety long before even touching a pellet gun, much less an actual rifle.

I used an AVR with a microphone to wait a programed delay after hearing the report of a pellet rifle before triggering the flash using a relay.

Guns -- real, pellet, bb, plastic or otherwise -- should be off-limits until a kid's shown the basic understanding of what they do, what life and death are, and that they ain't toys.

Responsibility in general is a great thing to instill in a kid. I got a pellet gun when I was young for a gift, I always knew my dad had a shotgun and hunting rifle and even shot them a number of times before my double-digit years.

Why are people against banning civilian ownership of all guns in principle?I had some very nice experiences as a child with a pellet gun my father bought me. I later had a lot of fun experiences with him at a shooting range with real guns.

Pellet definitions


a small sphere


a solid missile discharged from a firearm; "the shot buzzed past his ear"

See also: shot