How to use Pedestrian in a sentence as a noun

You can even do the smug, Internet know-it-all thing and say this is completely pedestrian, name-drop Descartes and a bunch of other philosophers, and hit me with a zinger about how this is about as deep as "The Matrix".

This is a good reminder to always be a defensive and aware pedestrian.

All together 3 cop cars screeched into the intersection, I put my phone on silent, and like the Truman Show every pedestrian did their bit and started ambling and chatting as if nothing had happened.

A pedestrian hit by a car going 20 mph will almost certainly live.

Seems he was arrested for crashing it near a pedestrian, not simply for flying it.

"The cops killed one of the suspects then pursued the rest, then a pedestrian died in the chase.

"Come be a frankly mediocre programmer writing pedestrian code to solve unimportant problems"?A job, like any other product, has to be sold.

How to use Pedestrian in a sentence as an adjective

If something is physically possible, like a car being able to fit in an pedestrian-only paved road or two cars being able to fit in a one-way street you can be sure that people will do it.

In the trade off between property dammage and pedestrian deaths I am generally going to side with pedestrians.

Let's be practical here: the Ryno goes 20mph with a 20 mile range, can't be used on sidewalks or pedestrian areas, and only really exists to draw attention.

Or maybe, you know, provide adequate pedestrian capacity so people can peaceably assemble without having to block traffic!

You've lost to the dark side of dick size contests and pissing matches, and as often as not, you're up against some relatively pedestrian actor who is determined to put you in your place, not a key fiduciary stakeholder and/or decision-maker.

Personally, I'm more sick of the culture of bargaining and haggling over increasingly small, pedestrian items that has gained a lot of fashion in the recession, even among people for whom it is not a financial imperative.

The difference between a 25mph and a 35mph collision with a pedestrian is that the former probably isn't fatal and the latter probably is.

Pedestrian definitions


a person who travels by foot

See also: walker footer


lacking wit or imagination; "a pedestrian movie plot"

See also: prosaic prosy earthbound