How to use Paygrade in a sentence as a noun

Others will often say "it's above my paygrade" in an attempt to avoid culpability. After the project has run long and only has a majority of the features complete, people are reassigned to other projects, and the app is sent to QA to hand-test features.

They basically count for paygrade and job title, and that's it. At Google you were basically expected to make all the decisions you had good information on, and you had access to a lot more information than people did at most companies.

While CPU and compiler design is above my paygrade I know that often a lot of fancy CPU/design and compiler tricks that make things twice as fast on some benchmark leads to 2 to 3% performance gains on pointer chasing code. Not sure how the Mill is going to make my ruby webapp go 8 times as fast by issuing 33 instructions instead of 4.

Paygrade definitions


rank in a military organization

See also: rating