Patronizingly in a sentence as an adverb

How does one type in a patronizingly male tone of voice?

At least’ – patronizingly – ‘as I see it.

Oddly enough I would rather not have someone patronizingly voting for what they believe is in my best interests.

Along those lines, men are typically graded on a patronizingly terrible curve when it comes to childcare.

You don't roll out the tariffs when you're top dog, you patronizingly tell every other country that it isn't in their interests instead.

HN shouldn't be overly critical, but nor should it pander patronizingly to some tripe because the author happened by.

Haven't you ever been irritated by someone saying, patronizingly, "you're so smart," when you do something?

You appear so insufferably, patronizingly smug that it is hard to take your argument at all seriously.

It is insulting to Mozilla, which has been working in good faith on these negotiations from the beginning, and to Mayer, who it patronizingly describes as "just a volunteer who hangs around the offices of Mozilla.

Having been involved in a couple of organizations that have tried to "increase their diversity", nobody ever has ideas, or if they have ideas, they are patronizingly transparent and rather prejudiced in their own way.

> patronizingly calling them 19th century > techniques.

The expectation is that basic rights are not so much special allowances patronizingly handed down from the government intended for an increasingly narrow context but should instead be understood as innate personhood rights enabling people to live a free and dignified life.

The simplicity and weakness of the failures listing gave more of a "the AI is outright trolling humans by using patronizingly sophmoric examples" akin to a peeved climatologist starting off with the basics of the water cycle when explaining how global warming can lead to both more flooding and droughts.

Patronizingly definitions


with condescension; in a patronizing manner; "he treats his secretary condescendingly"

See also: condescendingly patronisingly