Pantheon in a sentence as a noun

I've always placed the CC books up there in the pantheon of great software engineering books.

But, let's not get hyperbolic about his place in the pantheon of code and beauty.

This is what makes email such a success that not PG nor an entire pantheon of gods will manage to 'change' or 'reinvent'.

These players have ascended the pantheon and achieved a kind of immortality.

Indisputably, Lisp is remarkable and holds a special place in the pantheon of programming languages.

Even if one doesn't agree with him, many will based solely on the position he holds in the pantheon of liberal intelligentsia.

The death of the set-top box is predicted annually and I am afraid you have joined that long pantheon of people who have prematurely declared it deceased.

In every god, deamon, spirit, angel, ghost, miracle or pantheon that has ever been put forth for scrutiny, a mundane non spiritualistic world presented itself as the cause.

As Scalia said in dissent in the recent DNA swab ruling,"Solving unsolved crimes is a noble objective but it occupies a lower place in the American pantheon of noble objectives than the protection of our people from suspicionless law-enforcement searches.

Pantheon definitions


all the gods of a religion


a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes


(antiquity) a temple to all the gods