Paddock in a sentence as a noun

" Sure, if you really love it go to a paddock.

"Two species, the blue robots and the gray sheep, wander around a paddock, competing to eat grass.

Even with a favourable track, I'm sure those in the paddock can't help thinking of the similarities with the 1994 season.

A paddock windmill driving the compressor on the other hand...Still have a hard time separating it from electrical powered by a paddock windmill or rooftop solar panels.

Many farmers in New Zealand, for example, have android tablets in their tractors feeding their GPS coordinates back to base, and giving them live information about rainfall for that paddock, etc.

I now have a small paddock in my back yard, I keep all my AI there, this is AI like nature intended, grass-fed AI, organic AI, the best kind of AI, no additives, no adulterants, my AI is the best kind of AI, number one AI, all-time highs AI, and the liberal media...forget about it...they don't want to talk about how good our AI is, never been better, huge hands AI, my AI Uncle went to Harvard Business School, Wharton and I remember he told me: "Always treat your AI like you would want your AI to be treated"...great advice, it really works AI.

Paddock definitions


pen where racehorses are saddled and paraded before a race