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I had a dream my head was on an angel's lap and I was gasping for breath. "I got as many over the bridge as I could," I was saying, she was stroking my hair. "Can I rest now?" I asked her. "Did you get yourself over?" she asked. I'm not sure. I still have one foot in all my dark, I still have old ways I haven't quite released. Maybe that's overwroughtw my life will be. I am moving into action, calling in action, to balance all overwrought thought. Or maybe, i just need a little more self compassion to set myself free. I don't know yet. I do know that if you have spent and given to others all year, to walk them from dark to light, today, give all that love to yourself. Get yourself across the bridge. You are the whole. We can't do this without you. Today, carry yourself over with all the love and compassion you have shown the world this year, give it back to you.


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Does anyone else feel like watching the Thunder in close games ages you by 10 years?

I saw the west end version of Les Mis 20 years ago and really didn't like it. Saw the movie last night and really liked it. Am I older and wiser, or does this story play better in film?

Want to live in a safe world? Me too. So instead of buying more guns and building bigger walls, why don't we oh...work diligently to educate ourselves and our kids, respect each other, love each other, work together to create a more compassionate and enlightened world? Or we could just keep buying bigger guns and building bigger walls until we get so insular and isolated that inbreeding becomes the norm because we never meet anyone we're not closely related to.

Overwrought definitions


deeply agitated especially from emotion

See also: distraught