Overcharge in a sentence as a noun

So to make up the difference, they overcharge patients who are insured.

You overcharge, it gets damaged, you over-discharge, it gets damaged.

They overcharge for complicated distribution and DRM, and pass all the risk of to the film and its backers.

That said, something need to be done about the prosecutors in this country, who overcharge and bend the law in way not intended.

Best Buy's business model is to overcharge people for peripherals like cables and warranties.

The reason Leica’s products are expensive\n isn’t because of a deliberate attempt to\n overcharge for the products.

>because the reason hospitals are able to afford Medicare prices is only because they overcharge the restThat's simply not true.

First, prosecutors routinely overcharge defendants in an effort to extort guilty pleas.

Overcharge in a sentence as a verb

Vested interests like tax preparers always lobby against the notion and talk about how it's a bad idea because they might overcharge you or whatever.

That means that, even if the batteries themselves have no design problems per se, their failure modes under an overcharge condition are highly relevant.

Both are vulnerable to a competitor that understands the enterprise, makes software that people don't hate and doesn't overcharge as egregiously as these two do.

This is a ridiculous statement, there were lots of measures in place to ensure that exactly this did not happen, with huge fines for anyone who tried to overcharge once the changeover happened.

This will naturally lead to a situation where the industry can stagnate and overcharge with there being very little pressure from new entrants to the market that try to exploit the market failure.

This program is actually pretty effective, if we ignore the bit where health care providers dramatically overcharge people who do not use it to make up for being underpaid by those people who do use it.

One alleged evil of "excessive competition" here is that with open competition you might get a "race to the bottom" wherein cabs that aren't well maintained or that overcharge customers make the most money.

If it sucks, it's because browsers are full of security problems, websites are poorly designed and poorly engineered, web accessibility for the disabled is poor, web performance is miserable in many markets, and ISPs like Comcast continually abuse their monopoly status to overcharge and under-deliver.

Overcharge definitions


a price that is too high


rip off; ask an unreasonable price

See also: soak surcharge gazump fleece plume pluck hook


place too much a load on; "don't overload the car"

See also: overload surcharge