Overblown in a sentence as an adjective

That's it, so IMO, this story is way overblown.

Lisp has its benefits, but they are overblown.

What a bunch of overblown ****... "wildly irresponsible" my ***!

While some of the criticism is somewhat overblown, it is valid.

The whole "shortage of IT talent" hysteria is way overblown when you look at the actual numbers.

I do not run an ad blocker and frankly I find most complaints about ads online to be totally overblown.

As a 19 year old, I will say that from my perspective, this "coolness" factor is seriously overblown and misunderstood.

Having been working in the Android space as a programmer, IMO the idea of Android fragmentation is mostly overblown these days.

I'm just saying, the likelihood of accidentally become a lawsuit target appears like it might be overblown in some ways.

To test if this article is overblown, you could launch a new product with one of NBC's major logos as one of your main promotional images and then see if NBC shares your view.

This circumstance is so innocuous and overblown by Oracle that the actual facts, as found herein by the judge, will be set forth below for the benefit of the court of appeals.

The organized and overblown reaction to all of this is much more about ruining Russia's reputation as a democratic nation than anything else.

So, there's an overblown police operation, using two helicopters, 5 paddy wagons, AR-15s, dogs, and a forceable takedown of a suspect deemed to be "low-risk", to serve an illegal warrant by a unit that NZ Police themselves describe [1] as "[providing] Police with the means of effectively and more safely responding to and resolving situations in which there is an actual or threatened use of firearms or other weapons against members of the public or Police.

Overblown definitions


puffed up with vanity; "a grandiloquent and boastful manner"; "overblown oratory"; "a pompous speech"; "pseudo-scientific gobbledygook and pontifical hooey"- Newsweek

See also: grandiloquent pompous pontifical portentous


past the stage of full bloom; "overblown roses"