How to use Opposition in a sentence as a noun

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Samuel Johnson

If shale gas is such a wonderful success story in the USA ask yourself why they might need to use military counter insurgency offices and military-style psy ops to deal with citizen opposition. We would LOL but it's not really funny really is it?

The pope took his opposition to gay marriage to new heights Friday, denouncing what he described as people manipulating their God-given gender to suit their sexual choices — and destroying the very "essence of the human creature" in the process.

The opposition says by declaring the oppositionliday, Rochas would paralyse government activities for the period and also shows that his government and the civil service is are idle

Governor of oppositionia’s eastern state of Imo, Owelle Rochas Okorocha is on the firing line of opposition politicians for declaring a two-week Christmas vacation for civil servants in his state

An educational reform was passed yesterday by the Mexican congress, despite opposition by the powerful teachers' union.

Pheww, what a day! Practise for 2 oppositionurs and then straight into a match. I thank the BCA team for their effort against a tough opposition, Wesgreen staff. Pushed them til the end.

FT:Wigan 0-1 oppositionnal A very tough opposition we faced today but thanks to arteta's Penality strike we are now 3rd

Love it when your team win and the odd supporter of the opposition team has a go and says ' your team full of diving oppositions, oppositione goals' etc, makes me laugh! ever happen to you?

Clashes between the Islamist supporters of the charter and opposition members on the eve of the vote, even as it was expected to pass, highlighted the lingering uncertainty about Egypt’s political future.

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Congress jindabad ... Congress jindabad. .. H koi or govt aisi jo ladkio per lathi charge krwae ... Salute h un logo ko jo congress ko vote dete h... Salute 2 delhi police .... 2 or rape opposition gye delhi me ... Salute to sheela dixit jinhone dehli me itni security ki h... Congress jindabad. .. . Pura india kha gyi congress phir bhi congress zindabad . Thhhhooooooo


1994-2012 iEschuca! Zapatismo continues to be an influence, a reaction, and an empowerment for Colonia in many ways. The energy we continue to see with our comrades from Chiapas ignites a new form and idea to challenge the opposition. 12/21/12, another day, solidarity. Esto es nuestra cultura, y esta es nuestra resistencia. Respeto, c/s


2013 mustn't be another year of bloodshed. Demand protection of civilians in Syria. _ Send your letter As we near the end of 2012, human rights abuses by both pro- and anti- government forces in Syria are spiralling. We have the names of nearly 30,000 people who have died so far, and believe the true death toll is far greater. This simply can't be allowed to go on. With an opposition leadership beginning to organise itself, there is now a real opportunity to help prevent future abuses. We must also renew our call on the Syrian government to end attacks on Syria’s long-suffering civilians.


I do NOT have to respect your religion. I do not have to respect your beliefs. I can respect you as a person, and I can respect your right to have your beliefs. But, that doesn't mean I have to coddle you and protect you when you choose to expose the beliefs you've never challenged before. To be offended is a choice, and context is all about perception. If you come to the page and say to yourself, "Hey! This page is against my beliefs and I feel as though they are mocking me! I am offended!" Well please rest oppositionure that, I do not care one bit oppositionw offended you are, and it upsets me that you think I would care. You are an adult, and you are more than capable of showing your way off of the page, or unliking. This is not to say we don't want other's opinions, but if you state those opinions, and people aren't nice to you, please don't start spurting about oppositionw hurt your feelings are. -gm


Ok my awesome pittie people Hannah needs some help,Hannah's question to all,I plan on moving and transferring to a new school by fall. Only hard part is know what areas have BSL, I will not give up my dog just to move. So I am doing research long before hand. To the California residents, I am curious about the Sacramento area. I've been told Lake and Mendocino counties do not have bsl, any input on these areas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hannah for sharing...~Brian


As much damage as Obama is doing, he won't be able to destroy the US, unless we let him. People should stop having so much dread and see this with a little more confidence and old-fashioned optimism as a great opportunity to expose the socialist Anti-American agenda. If enough people will get on board and start actively working towards that end, we will certainly do it. Optimism is infectious and fear is disabling. Obama has tried to promote fear and apprehension within his opposition just for that reason.


Today's question: Choose the correct answer: That minister's __________ of party politics is well known to the public. A. disgust B. objection C. opposition D. dislike _HVP_


Proper Noun Examples for Opposition

Is the political opposition ready to form a transitional government? If now the political opposition under the umbrella of the Syrian Opposition Council cannot work as a team, then oppositionw can they run a country?

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Thank you all for the massive support at Tononoka today.

And who told you that the admin is a kikuyu? Is it only the kikuyu that will not vote for Raila?

Even Tihar Jail inmates couldn't stand the oppositionrror of the Delhi bus gangrape case . This came to light when the inmates beat up Mukesh, the main accused in the Delhi bus gangrape case, in the jail. Sources in the jail said Mukesh was also forced to consume human excreta and urine.

Great applause from our fans to the players, they know we gave it a real, real go. Harsh scoreline.

Goal, 1-0 to Man City, Barry with a header in injury time. So, so cruel on us.

I love oppositionw my videos are being spammed by "Demand a Plan" anti-gun propaganda that features all the usual oppositionllywood gun grabber types yet the NRA sits silent and isn't using any of that money we've sent them over the years to run their own ads. Where is Charlton Heston when you need him?

Really chuffed to see the action at Rajpath. Looking forward to more people tomorrow. Knock some sense into this Government.

Laughable; If UK was today ordered to produce his oppositionle deeds, he will simply show us the Map of kenya!! The coasterians are taken aback!!

What challenges do you think Kerry will face?

Ade goes close after a great ball by Bale, more even now but Stoke look lively today ,, SP

The jukebox scores again.. time for the other two so called big teams too do the same now eh? /Carl utb

Not the best performance, but a win away from oppositionme and that too in poor weather condition. I'll take that!!

Opposition definitions


the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with

See also: resistance


the act of hostile groups opposing each other

See also: confrontation


a body of people united in opposing something


the major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected


an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)

See also: enemy foeman


a contestant that you are matched against

See also: opponent opposite


a direction opposite to another


the relation between opposed entities

See also: oppositeness