Omnivorous in a sentence as an adjective

I'm planning to add more omnivorous places that do an OK job of catering to veggies.

Is it possible to be unhealthy on an omnivorous diet?

Western omnivorous diets have far more meat than what's needed to fulfill required long-term nutritional needs.

We're building an omnivorous transport data processor that fuses together loads of data sources.

Pigs are omnivorous and naturally eat carcasses of other pigs or in the case of packs of wild boar, sometimes even **** other pigs to eat them.

I know of two women who were both long-term vegetarians and went back to an omnivorous diet because they were always feeling wan and listless.

It's diversity of nutrients, and the body's efficiency at absorbing them, that for me make the strongest case for an omnivorous diet.

One is that this type of founder is more omnivorous by nature, and even when in the throes of starting a startup, gets bored reading about nothing but startups.

"you give up a serious slice of your privacy thanks to the omnivorous way companies like Google and Facebook gather your personal data.

We're building an omnivorous transport data processor that fuses together loads of data sources, and a psychic city brain.- Software engineers.

According to Wikipedia all insects except locusts are non-kosher and some grasshoppers are omnivorous.

They are often omnivorous readers, and sometimes unusually expert amateurs in specialized subjects.

>"We don't chew our cud like cows"And we don't need to in order to fully digest cereal grains.>"we have a carnivorous physique and body type"Humans, like all omnivorous apes, are an odd mix of carnivore and herbivore.

Furthermore, some vegetarian populations are extremely long-lived compared to the their omnivorous peers.>it's very sustainableMeat eating is not sustainable at our current technological level.

Omnivorous definitions


feeding on both plants and animals