How to use Notebook in a sentence as a noun

He keeps going back to her, she keeps writing and erasing his name on last page of her notebook.

Good morning and a happy Thursday to you all! I've got a pretty new covered notebook with removable brooch to show you later but first tea!

Why you make me wait you long time me not message you you don't care me me off notebook you want to see me.. for what ... ???

Watched the notebook for the first time today, between that and rereading fifty shades trilogy.....I think I'm feeling the love lol......look out Matt Snaith σΎ £

I am constantly told I spend too much time on my phone but today it will be my sat nav, car entertainment centre, presentation device, email client, calendar, contact book, notebooktel fast track checkin method, personal cinema, newspaper, demo device, alarm clock, notebook and actual phone. To name but a few things.

Notebook definitions


a small compact portable computer


a book with blank pages for recording notes or memoranda