Related Sentences for Niggling

Having a nigglingrrific day, then i find this priceless item left for me from my daughter. It brougt a tear to my eye. Yes it will go in a frame. Thank you Ashley Marie for brightening up my day! I love you.

I would like to thank everyone that posted for my Birthday. I had a great day. Thank you all again. Love you all.....!!!!!

She was changed Not like yesterday Yaaah mo gmna lg? nigglinga bs pasrah duduk trmenung

Cre gwian nach yk jauh",ndak nnggal akn kmpunk and cmua x

Few rumours today that city may take Richard dunne on loan from villa just coming back from injury

Niggling definitions


(informal) small and of little importance

See also: fiddling footling lilliputian little petty picayune piddling piffling trivial