Nectar in a sentence as a noun

Fun fact: The word nectar comes from a Sanskrit root meaning death.

For butterflies, the food source is nectar from flowers.

You can feed your bees to get them through the winter or other dearths in nectar supply.

Bees gather nectar from flowers, and nectar is quite distinct from honey.

Agave nectar is probably not that healthy either.

When I read about the "natural" status of Agave nectar, I was immediately interested in the process of obtaining it. Thanks for placing this info right here!

... Eventually, based on gut instinct, Patrick concocted a mixture that included calcium and nectar and fed it to his patient, drop by drop, as she lay curled up in his hand.

The difference between nectar and honey is much greater - they are fundamentally chemically different.

People are offended that somebody is questioning their nectar... of hypothyroidism!

However, bees will automatically stop taking syrup when the nectar returns - you can always tell when things are blooming enough because they'll ignore your offered syrup.

Royal jelly a totally different thing than honey: a bee glandular secretion rather than bee processed plant nectar [1].However I doubt it should be given to infants either and would not base any health decisions on anecdotes like this no matter how appealing the narrative.

Nectar definitions


a sweet liquid secretion that is attractive to pollinators


fruit juice especially when undiluted


(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal

See also: ambrosia