Mulatto in a sentence as a noun

I"m mulatto and grew up in the suburbs!!

I don't suppose they have a mulatto quota though.

Terms like "bi-racial" and "mulatto" make me cringe.

I'm not sure what happens to her mulatto friend...I guess it depends how black she looks.

"And the idea that people must call him "black" because they're not allowed to say "mulatto" is absurd.

Even before mulatto fell out of use, most white people called anyone with "a single drop of black blood" black.

The reason we don't use the term "mulatto" is that there are a whole bunch of wrong assumptions rolled into that word.

Oh man that is almost exactly my story too, except in rural/suburban Texas and being mulatto.

I grew up an a racist part of the southern US, and I assure you that my neighbors would have considered "mulatto" to be a kind of black person.

In the US, when mulatto was in more widespread use, the term was used to describe Turks as well as persons of white/south Asian and white/ Native American backgrounds.

The term mulatto is almost intrinsically offensive, as the two most likely etymologies mean "mule" or "foreign".

I'm with'Residents of Spain, Latin America, the Caribbean, and some countries in Africa freely use the term mulatto, or its cognates in other languages, usually without any suggestion of insult'

> “Jefferson-allied papers accused President Adams of being a ************* and a hypocrite, while Adams’ camp attacked Jefferson’s racial heritage, accusing him of being “the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father” as well as an atheist and libertine”We’ve always been divided.

For example, here's Pennsylvania specifically targeting slave hunters in 1826:"If any person or persons shall, from and after the passing of this act, by force and violence, take and carry away, or cause to be taken or carried away, and shall, by fraud or false pretense, seduce, or cause to be seduced, or shall attempt so to take, carry away or seduce, any negro or mulatto, from any part or parts of this commonwealth, to any other place or places whatsoever, out of this commonwealth, with a design and intention of selling and disposing of, or of causing to be sold, or of keeping and detaining, or of causing to be kept and detained, such negro or mulatto, as a slave or servant for life, or for any term whatsoever, every such person or persons, his or their aiders or abettors, shall on conviction thereof, in any court of this commonwealth having competent jurisdiction, be deemed guilty of a felony.

Mulatto definitions


an offspring of a black and a white parent