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Two events in my life have forced me to interact with large and varied groups of women, first being motherhood and second being roller derby training. I somehow managed to offend some of these women, and I'm never quite sure how I do it.

There’s something they rarely tell you about motherhood: it turns women into genetic chimeras. The whole article sounds so creepy.

Most of those careers are compatible with motherhood as much as they are compatible with fatherhood.

Maybe the notion of "total motherhood" is the problem? If those mums wouldn't feel the need to "hover" above their kids every second, perhaps they would be less stressed out?

I get the feeling MVC is mostly a bunch of handwaving about separation of concerns, motherhood, and apple pie.

Missing from his essay is the possibility that things might simply fall apart: that the divorce rate would spike upwards to almost 50%, and that single motherhood would spike upwards to include over 40% of all children. His tone suggests that he was writing when the solidity of marriage was still being taken for granted. Anyone writing nowadays would have to take into account both the high divorce rate and also the high rate of single motherhood, which combine to suggest that perhaps there will be no easy reconciliation of what women want and what men want.

Within this context, "opting out" means depending on a man for security, and telling women that "motherhood is more fulfilling than work" is encouraging them to be dependent. My wife sees it as rationalization--women trying to convince themselves that people do respect parenting because they should respect it.

It's easy to support free speech when all you say or hear is motherhood and apple pie. It's the things that make people uncomfortable that need protection from censorship.

What will motherhood take out of her? Like a lot of high-powered women, she appears to think of motherhood as being something she can limit and compartmentalize.

I think this indicates some of the pressures of motherhood. To this end, I think it might be a good idea to have mixed age Montessori schools at places of business.

“Learn from your own experiences and beware of anyone espousing the virtues of the One True Way.” This is motherhood and Apple pie. It sounds like wisdom, but it doesn’t follow logically from his example even if you agree with his feelings about his code.

If you want to decrease single motherhood, you don't need to start a company... You need to change the regulations about certain public benefits that essentially require working class people to not marry in order to raise children.

We've duped our daughters into equating motherhood with victimization and killed off the next generation of innovators.

And once motherhood is in the picture, the dollars-and-cents cost is astronomical. When you put a dollar figure on the direct and opportunity costs of being a mother, they're mind-boggling.

This means that for women, motherhood is both a biological and social fact, but for men fatherhood is purely a social/legal fact. BTW, this also raises interesting issues--- it means that because as men and women can never be equal parents in our society, the ways in which we enforce this also mean that same-sex couples can not be fully equal to opposite-sex couples--- they either end up legally favored or disfavored depending on how presumption of paternity works in a given state.

"Demographers say that a far better investment would be to support women juggling motherhood and careers by expanding day care and after-school programs." In college I had a professor from East Germany that talked about this.

He runs similar analysis to Wilkinson and Picket, but finds much stronger correlations between single motherhood than income inequality.

But this was just platitudes and motherhood statements. Did you win an essay contest or something?

There’s something they rarely tell you about motherhood: it turns women into genetic chimeras. I have a genetic disorder and I have given birth to two children, one who has the same disorder and one who does not.

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In traditional societies, motherhood is not looked down upon or held in contempt, but mothers are honored. As the managers of families and the people that consistently invest the most in the next generation, they are the backbone of society. Every successful person today owes his success to a chain of hundreds of successful mothers, stretching back into pre-history. It is only as our planning horizon has shrunk from a thousand years to six months that we begin to look on motherhood as a form of slavery. Females are told that they must do anything but a traditional female role to have value in society. We cajole women to act like men. In a way, liberalism is ironically misogynist. It is little surprise then that Western liberals no longer breed above replacement rates. Denigrating motherhood is not the way for a people to last the aeons of time.


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the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother

See also: maternity