Midst in a sentence as a noun

" To be honest, in the midst of the bubble, this type of thinking works well.

C/YA, which entered later, is now in the midst of enormous transition.

And his sign-off is that he has, in the midst of it all, already begun to work on a new startup?

We're in the midst of several legal cases that are trying to argue that the NSA spying program is criminal conduct.

As in we are currently in the midst of the greatest revolution in human health of our lives, and this guy is running in the wrong direction.

" and then I realized I had to pick the country in Europe that is literally in the midst of a civil war to get to a comparable situation.

So in it's eagerness to scoop up all digital communications, it killed the majormost way for citizens to communicate while in the midst of a civil war.

There is, for me, a greater satisfaction and productivity in being present, even in the midst of what some dismissively consider to be "menial" tasks.

At work last week, we were working on project euler at lunch, and had the one CS PhD in our midst not jumped up and explained the chinese remainder theorem to us, we wouldn't have had a chance.

It is a story about the futility and difficulty of doing their jobs, particularly in the midst of unpredictable technical problems.

There's a market for investors or competitive intelligence, but it's a very different kind of business.+ Bad Timing If this happened in the midst of the Groupon craze you'd be reading all about it.

She makes a bunch of expensive, terrible acquisitions and insists she didn't overpay for these odd non-revenue generating assets in the midst of a minor tech bubble, while providing no evidence.

Midst definitions


the location of something surrounded by other things; "in the midst of the crowd"

See also: thick