Microfilm in a sentence as a noun

How about one of the microfilm devices they used to use in 60s spy movies?

Although as more "stuff" goes online over the years, there's less need to use the microfilm machines.

I reckon they'll just use their time machines to travel back to when the microfilm is still intact.

They also assert new copyrights when they photograph or microfilm things.

I suspect the microfilm was there more for publicity than any real expectation that it would work in 8000 years.

Well, the chamber is supposedly filled with an inert gas, so the lifetime of the microfilm should be much larger.

I wish most of the news organizations that have historic content locked up in libraries and microfilm would do this.

Microfilm in a sentence as a verb

I think it's a great idea to at least attempt to keep an archive for this reason:"When they were making microfilm of books, they thought they would never have to rescan them.

I maintain microfilm and digital newspaper collections of the local newspapers.

It is something that a decent microfilm scanner could make quick work of, but I don't know if they have plans to liberate all of that image data as part of the open data efforts.

To allow Mormons to identify these ancestors the LDS church has spent decades going around the world and making microfilm copies of birth, death and marriage records and the like.

If you, during the 1930's and 40's, seriously believed in the potential of his ideas, would you have advocated for research into microfilm, or semiconductors?

All research was done in libraries amongst musty shelves and microfilm viewers.- Even amongst the few families with computers that I knew about, I was definitely the first to get a CD-ROM drive.

That the microfilming was accomplished is invaluable - and I understand that the typical offer to various records-keepers from the LDS family history folks was: "We'll pay to microfilm your records, you get a copy to keep, and the LDS gets a copy to use.

Microfilm definitions


film on which materials are photographed at greatly reduced size; useful for storage; a magnification system is used to read the material


record on microfilm