Medial in a sentence as an adjective

The social medial sharing is just to get the message across.

It is his requirement to justify the request that his juice should be considered a medial liquid.

If it is hogwash why is the medial community not jumping in and saying there is no evidence of this?

She or he could be a medial doctor, maybe veterinarian, maybe small business owner, maybe cook, etc.

Then, using a silver straw, Scoville sucked out fist-size chunks of the medial temporal lobes on both sides of Molaisons brain.

It is a solid document advising people to take any results up with a medial professional.

However, in periods of economic downturn without free health care, people are going to search more and seek actual medial assistance less.

But I believe if we do go on and figure out the evolution of the medial orbito-frontal cortex of the brain, we'd see it's tied to intelligence.

It's not "cat", "a#t" and "topi*"There are many languages, besides Arabic, that have a concept of distinct initial, medial and final characters.

I've often thought about establishing a medial tourism non-profit.

I do respect the fact that many, many amazing things have come out of medial science but I treat it all with caution rather than just whatever-the-scientists-say-must-be-right.

I do get minor pains in my feet and more significant pain along the medial aspect of my right knee, which I think is an old MCL injury that's being aggravated by my pronating foot.

Moreover, it inhibits your medial prefrontal cortex, which is your "head" in coloquial terms, the region of your brain that houses rational, abstract thought, making it harder to think straight.

Opportunity is to empower the individual non-medial experts to easily monitor their own health and risk factors over time.

[1] "The identified variables were age, PCL:YV Factor 1, PCL:YV Factor 2, years of regular substance use, total number of convictions, ICU, SES, brain volume, left and right lateral orbital frontal cortex, medial orbital frontal cortex, anterior and posterior cingulate, right temporal pole, and right and left parahippocampal cortex.

In addition, the patterns of activation when hearing ones own name relative to hearing the names of others are similar to the patterns reported when individuals make judgments about themselves and their personal qualities, and include the regions of the medial frontal cortex and superior temporal cortex near the temporo-parietal junction.

Medial definitions


dividing an animal into right and left halves

See also: median


relating to or situated in or extending toward the middle

See also: median