Maze in a sentence as a noun

The beauty of capitalism is that it is a blind mouse running through a maze.

The only way you have any hope of short circuiting it is to have connections with the right people who can open the maze from the inside.

Free-floating around in the water, they form very long, intricate, 3-D maze-like structures.

" said by someone who was essentially fetishizing the particular contours of the maze rather than the journey.

All his mails will just drown in a corporate maze of diffused responsibility and mis-communication.

When the cheese is Gouda, it is the cheese of customer service, and the job of the person standing above the maze it to identify if there is Gouda and where it is.

It's far from obvious which platform is which, especially since after working your way through the maze I've described so far, you will have zero orientation as to which way is north.

If there is a "hacker mentality", teachers tend to have the opposite of that: given a maze and a cheese, any route to the cheese more efficient than the one the teacher suggests is morally suspect.

The other end of the wire did disappear into the maze of wires inside the computer, but it's a basic fact of electricity that a switch can't do anything unless there are two wires connected to it.

Even though this article did not get into this aspect, its main point really brings one to this sort of examination: if you are threatened, get good advice from knowledgeable people who know how to help steer you through this sort of maze.

Then I read something like: "in Ubuntu, we have some elements waiting to help out: the messaging menu, the me menu, and the sound menu" and discover the concept is stuffing functionality into a maze of predetermined slots based on a set of usage assumptions.

Sure, I can spend time getting a robot to solve a simple puzzle, navigate a maze, or whatever, but these types of projects seem so less motivating compared to the types of things that got me into coding in the first place: things I could share with others and that they would enjoy using.

Maze definitions


complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost

See also: labyrinth


something jumbled or confused; "a tangle of government regulations"

See also: tangle snarl