Materialize in a sentence as a verb

Most startups that fail don't materialize out of thin air, raise $40M, and fail within a year and a half.

I'd possibly like the same thing, but I don't have much in the way of hope that it will materialize.

But when it comes to wireless telecoms, it's not possible for such competitors to materialize.

Typos tend to materialize when you hit 'submit', 'publish' or other similarly labeled buttons.

But, once again, imagination raced ahead of reality and funding dried up when said robots didn't materialize.

If Julia is a great language is precisely because of all the thought that went into it, the ideas behind it didn't just materialize in someone's brain.

Those are the times when a problem on the aircraft is most likely to materialize, and I'd rather not lose my *** in an accident because your attention was on Angry Birds.

You will hear it's revolutional arrival announced every year, but it will never materialize.

When the campaign failed to materialize they shifted directions to the Spark Core [1], which was much more successful and delivered very close to the projected timeline if I remember correctly.

Some assemblers provide a "conjure this value" pseudo-operation where the assembler will choose what it thinks is the best option to materialize a constant; that way the programmer doesn't need to worry about these details.

People will be forced onto this G+ platform whether they like it or not; the mass exodus threats about any social networking platform never materialize into anything more than a few users deactivating their accounts.

Materialize definitions


come into being; become reality; "Her dream really materialized"

See also: happen materialise