Marker in a sentence as a noun

Why would you put a weird palm tree icon on a marker instead of the price?

Pick any marker on the map or search for something like Best Buy.

> He’s keeping count of his days on the Moon with a dry-wipe marker on the bathroom wall.

I need to go through it a few more times and make notes with a red marker as it applies to myself.

A dry-erase marker and a bathroom mirror keeps the tally, and about once a month, someone wins.

What's the value add in bringing the marker to center when I click it?Just like GMail, Maps has gone from being great software to mediocre.

In television and commercials, it's a useful marker that what being listed refers to a website.

When they have a single AZ go down, they won't even give it a yellow marker on the status page, they'll just put a footnote on a green marker.

An unambiguous marker between fair use and infringement, or perhaps a litmus test for intent.

Genomics is rapidly expanding and it is often hard to determine disease correlation with a genetic marker."Hear.

Diagnosis of medical comorbidities may be a marker of access to health care and may be associated with treatment, which may explain the gap in mortality rates between insured and uninsured trauma patients.

Because once you start down that road of criminalization of proxies for bad acts, you end up with proxies for proxies, like when the city I lived in criminalized -- no joke -- possession of spray paint, marker pens, and other things by teens on public right-of-ways.

Marker definitions


some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something; "the buoys were markers for the channel"


a distinguishing symbol; "the owner's mark was on all the sheep"

See also: marking mark


a writing implement for making a mark