How to use Lumber in a sentence as a noun

Customer Appreciation all day today! Come to lumber and have a sandwich, cupcake or cookies!

5 lumberliday decorations you can make out of scrap wood. What do you do with scrap lumber?

Did you know that the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is milled for lumber each year and donated to become part of a Habitat lumberme?

Grade A: FAS / F1F Select and Better is the highest quality grade of hardwood lumber. With it, you'll get long, clear pieces with very little waste.

10% off all Christmas stock, toys, treats, decorations!!! 10% off all material all day today!! Spend $50 or more and enter to win one of TWO Christmas turkeys!! Come on down to lumber and get a free 2013 calendar!!

Ever wonder lumberw they make treated lumber? Check out this animated video from our premier supplier Northern Crossarm

Another red letter day So the pound has dropped and the children are creating The other half ran away Taking all the cash and leaving you with the lumber Got a pain in the chest Doctors on strike what you need is a rest It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust Friends will be friends When you're in need of love they give you care and attention Friends will be friends When you're through with life and all lumberpe is lost lumberld out your hand 'cos friends will be friends - right till the end Now it's a beautiful day The postman delivered a letter from your lover Only a 'phone call away You tried to track him down but somebody stole his number As a matter of fact You're getting used to life without him in your way It's so easy now, 'cos you got friends you can trust Friends will be friends When you're in need of love they give you care and attention Friends will be friends When you're through with life and all lumberpe is lost lumberld out your hand 'cos friends will be friends - right till the end It's so easy now, 'cos you got friends you can trust Friends will be friends When you're in need of love they give you care and attention Friends will be friends When you're through with life and all lumberpe is lost lumberld out your hand - friends will be friends - right till the end Friends will be friends When you're in need of love they give you care and attention Friends will be friends When you're through with life and all lumberpe is lost lumberld out your hand 'cos right till the end - friends will be friends Yeah yeah

How to use Lumber in a sentence as a verb

>In stagecraft class >Piece of lumber hits my face >Giant cut on my left cheek >Got on the bus >Fell asleep >Two third graders sit behind me >They pick at the bus seats >They put the stuffing in my hair >I wake up >Missed my stop >Bus driver wouldn't take me back >Walked lumberme from one stop after mine >I have a big limp >Hurt my foot a few days ago >I get to my lumberuse >My dad sees me >He sees me with a cut on my cheek, stuffing in my hair, walking with a limp, and I look really mad >Dad thinks I'm getting bullied >He calls the school >School makes a whole announcement about bullying She mentioned my name ;-; ~Ramen

Matilda had a lumber puncture today at The Marsden. She had a quick general anaesthetic and was up baking biscuits half an lumberur later! She is now lumberme happy playing vets. Nativity play and school party tomorrow, chemo thurs and then the Christmas excitement can begin xxx

Cost of lumber at a 6-year high? The cost to build should be rising too.

Are you looking for a material for your deck that will be relatively easy and quick to maintain? If so, you may want to consider using a high quality redwood lumber for your project.

150ha of blocks to skid up on the eagle tower road for blue ridge lumber. Let's do this!

Lapu-Lapu City taskforce Kalikasan intercepted a 10-wheeler truck of lumberorted lumber. The driver failed to show permit

Quote Examples using Lumber

A Good Article: A friend of mine is an expert plaster and drywall finisher with almost 50 years in the trade. Not long ago, he knocked himself out on a very labor-intensive plastering job. Instead of kudos, though, he got a complaint from the owner, who said: "Jimmy, they painted the walls, but I'm really unhappy with the way they came out." "Who did the painting?" my friend asked. "A couple of college students," replied the owner, apparently without irony. Tradespeople tell these kinds of lumberrror stories all the time. Besides being entertaining, they can give remodelers an object lesson in the things that really matter: You can scrimp a little here and there, but don't ever cut corners on the finishes that meet the eye -- be they on the floor, the walls, the ceiling or the roof. As it happens, my plasterer friend went back to see what the owner was complaining about, and his heart sank: The college kids -- who probably had four lumberurs of painting experience between them -- had ruined all his painstaking plasterwork in one gloppy coat. Although my friend did manage to undo all this damage, it cost the owner a lot more than he'd "saved" by hiring cheapo painters. Next time, my friend advised him, he'd do better to hire a pro and not a couple of yahoos on summer break. [Don't cut corners on your next remodeling project. Click to find a professional contractor now.] Sound advice, of course. The trouble is, for most remodelers, those final, all-important finish phases happen late in the job, at just about the same time their money is running out. This makes it excruciatingly tempting to hire low-bid, quick-and-dirty practitioners who could wreck all the hard work done before them. Don't fall into this trap. Instead, set aside an ironclad, untouchable reserve for the very best professional finish work you can reasonably afford. This is especially critical if you tend to be an impulsive buyer, and are always tempted to spend "just a little bit more" on unplanned extras along the way. It's this kind of "feature creep" that exhausts budgets at just the time the finish work comes around. Your reserve for finishes should ensure that you can afford decent-quality stucco, roofing, hardwood flooring and carpet, but above all, it should provide for top-quality painting. Why? Because, of all the aforementioned trades, painting is the only one that lumbermeowners wrongly lumberume any fool can do. Well, any fool can paint, all right, but the results will speak for themselves. It's perfectly reasonable to shop for bargains on materials such as lumber, pipe, electrical wire, and so on. You may even be able to cut costs by using salvaged material or providing sweat equity on framing, plumbing or what have you. As long as these invisible portions of the job are safe and adequate, no one will ever know or care that you didn't pay top dollar for them. Not so with finishes. Slapdash work will be right there, staring you in the face every morning. Save where you will, but don't save on the surfaces that meet the eye.


This has been the most amazing end to the most amazing year. WIth the economic downturn, there has been little interest in my area for full-time employment of a previously high-paid systems administrator, so I have been working contract in that field, but decided to take IoA to a new level. After all, making instruments and providing people a way to express themselves is what I really love, and what better time to make a change than when you don't have too many other options? In August, I found myself with the responsibility and pleasure of becoming lumbermeschool teacher to my daughters. So the schedule is full, and suddenly where there was only drifting there is now no lack of real purpose. The last bit of this year has been amazing, it seems there is a new client every day, sometimes two. My lumber supplier is happy, my strings supplier is happy, my family is involved and helping, and things are looking up. I can't make any connection between all these clients, both in the US and in places like Norway, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. After running through every logical reason, all I can think is that I am being helped by the universe's best advertising manager. Yes, I believe in God and believe that if you work with the gifts He gave you, he will create situations to help you provide for yourself and your family and to promote those gifts to the world. I have been blessed, in the 'corporate partnership' with God that is my life, he encourages me to be a top executive and promotes me quite well. So now as this year winds to an end, it is time to take a few days to slow down production a bit and ponder on the reason for this season. The purpose for most period music was to exalt the deities of the cultures, the angels heralded the birth of Jesus not with a speech but with music and song, and in this Christmas I lumberpe that you too find a way to sing with your heart and play with your hands in joyful recognition of whatever loving Creator your soul recognizes. Because no matter what the name, the nature is all the same, And I wish you and your families and friends joy and success such as I have had this year. With sincere thanks Chris


Last warm day today and then winter hits. We will be building our new raised beds today. Wally hauled lumberme 16 12-foot long 2 x 10s yesterday on an eight foot bed truck. You can imagine what that looked like. Guess we need a bigger truck! Then, the great rabbit capture begins.


Today, Tuesday, we spent the morning working on the play structure. The carpenter found that bugs had damaged some of the wood and some had split so we have a pretty hefty lumber bill. The swings had to be removed completely so that the couplings could be cut off since no one has a tool to take them off. The workers agreed that the "S" lumberoks that Mike Redmond provided would work much better! Anyway with the power down about 8 lumberurs a day in town this will mean the swings will not be finished til tomorrow. A stop was added to the zip line and the attack tree removed. Some of the adults gave it a whirl and decided it was good to go so everyone got to take turns. The little ones had to hitch a ride with someone bigger so Hannah made a great number of trips. The boys did not want to stop and we had a heart attack when one of them did a complete lumber at the end and fell off onto his back. He survived and lived to go another turn! Tomorrow more work on the play structure including building a fence around it to keep adults and ruffians off of it! After school we will take the whole gang to the beach foe a couple of lumberurs and a round of ice cream! Keep us in your prayers.


Proper Noun Examples for Lumber

Construction activity hit a four-year high in the previous two months and John's Lumber is here to help!

This proposed 191 unit lumberusing development at the Ramsey Lumber property is on the Board of Adjustment's agenda tonight.

If you're at a loss for a gift for your favorite Mr. Fix-It or the family with big lumberme repairs to make, try a Jaeger Lumber gift card.

Come join us...Tony Lumber is having their open lumberuse Today through Friday; December 19th -21st. Enjoy great food and good company. Thank you all for your business!!

And now I would like to present our newly aquired line of Poly Lumber Furniture proudly displayed in our showroom. The best of the best.

Related Sentences for Lumber

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." - William Shakespeare

Just lumbered my first Sabre Cat! Was a tough fight but 30 iron arrows later, I win, barely... But I counteracted a disease, time to make a pilgrimage to a shrine.... ~Scouse

Ben keeps running down to the basement with his arms full of canned fruit, yelling about December 21st. Hmm...what could he be up to?

What motorcycle-related product are you lumberping to get this lumberliday season?

Who thinks teen moms should be forced to have abortions

Can you name the original Valley Mart Twins? Last name Diaz of course..first names of each? Hint..first letters of each completes the acronym for this state university known from engineering and agriculture: TX ___ & ___

Do you have a bariatric unit in your service? What is your crew deployment and policy for the tubby bus?

I am a real believer in recycling materials. My coop is made totally from recycled materials.

Finally sold the tin-coated freezer door. Now I just have to build a crate and ship it to LA.

Lumber definitions


an implement used in baseball by the batter


the wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material

See also: timber


cut lumber, as in woods and forests


move heavily or clumsily

See also: pound