Low-key in a sentence as an adjective

"IOW, if you plan to fit in and live low-key, Oakland may be just fine for a long time.

Alarm-Buttons and panic rooms are not so uncommon and often installed in houses of much-more low-key persons then Kim Schmitz.

I was much happier as an early employee, being a low-key introvert, who loves technical problems more than business problems.

My PhD adviser was a wonderful man, low-key, with some fun things he was investigating, but he wasn't building an empire, built on the backs of enslaved grad students.

Did anyone else notice how refreshing this kind of reporting feels after being used to what the mainstream media feeds us?This story is low-key, trying to present all aspects, trying to stay objective -- it's been a long time since I read something like this from a journalist.

That kind of low-key, parentally-supervised, non-threatening socialization helps build basic skills, but its something immigrant kids often miss out on because their families don't feel comfortable participating in the community.

Low-key definitions


restrained in style or quality; "a little masterpiece of low-keyed eloquence"

See also: low-keyed subdued