Lingual in a sentence as a noun

I mean, there are people who don't want this country to become Spanish speaking or bi-lingual.

For a multi-lingual audience, that is easier to grok than to hash the up/down arrows.

He studied it in Munich, where it was a lot less important than in multi-lingual Switzerland.

I was born in to a multi-lingual environment, learning Dutch, Swedish and English since birth.

If I were multi-lingual and was trying to decide which wiki to use, I'd go with whichever wiki was in my primary language.

Europe, because of lingual and cultural differences, lack the sort of high-density clusters you get in the US.

Lingual in a sentence as an adjective

The other big difference was that it was multi-lingual and multi-currency and quite adaptable - and it had a GUI.

I work with a few middle aged women from India, old men from Pakistan, young Canadian interns, and a few multi lingual mid aged coders as well.

That said, I'm very much in favour of allowing any kind of multi-lingual multi-script UTF-whatever filenames.

Every successful multi-ethnic, multi-religious, or multi-lingual empire has to address it. Even the Canadians have struck an uneasy balance between the French speaking Quebecois and the rest of the country.

Geniuses are often musical and multi-lingual so if junior can play sax and speak French...Except that the components turn out, in most cases, to be cheap facades of the real thing and the spark of real genius is nowhere to be found.

I don't assert that early-childhood regression, severe cognitive disabilities, barely-lingual, no eye contact, compulsive behaviors, self-harm, stimming, problems with loud noises, and seemingly random inappropriate decisions like disrobing or running into traffic or poking a stranger or trying to enter an interesting-looking house are the canonical Autism.

Lingual definitions


a consonant that is produced with the tongue and other speech organs


consisting of or related to language; "linguistic behavior"; "a linguistic atlas"; "lingual diversity"

See also: linguistic


pertaining to or resembling or lying near the tongue; "lingual inflammation"; "the lingual surface of the teeth"