Legal in a sentence as an adjective

If they won't take you, find a legal clinic nearby.

3rd paragraph: each request goes through legal channels.

These firms will claim up down and sideways that what they do is legal, ethical and follows Google's rules.

If these laws are violated, the state authorities have the power to take legal actions to enforce them.

The only thing novel or unique is the fact is that some genius realized that with enough legal terms, you could patent a photo shoot.

Eventually, I wound up not pursuing the matter in court--talking it over with my attorney, it became quite clear that the legal fees of fighting them would be ruinous.

During his detention he was repeatedly sexually assaulted, withheld legal counsel, and coerced to confess with false promises of freedom.

Hollywood is a corrupting evil in our technical, legal and political systems and should be shunned, not accommodated, as much as possible.

Now, we're not talking about American legal policy on things like wrongful imprisonment by the LA Crash unit, idiotic "3-strikes your out" laws, or minimum sentencing laws.

General advice for legal questions: it's fine to ask these sorts of questions, but please, for the love of god, don't listen to anyone who isn't a lawyer or who hasn't gone through something very similar to what you're going through.

It is perfectly legal for them to threaten you with harsher legal penalties, and it is perfectly legal for you to say I need to speak with a lawyer before I make any decisions or say anything.

We do not disclose user information to government agencies without a court order, subpoena or formal legal process, nor do we provide any government agency with access to our servers.

It's also sad that Google gave this get out of jail free card to a site whose entire business model is based around other people's copyrighted works which RapGenius doesn't have a license for, doesn't pay for, and publishes illegally.

When the US Government was forcing telecom by telecom to install taps into their business's core routing hubs Joseph Nacchio, the CEO at the time, dug his heels in demanding legal avenues to avoid turning his back on QWest's customers.

"This is a soundly reasoned decision that is a highlight of modern law not so much because of any deep legal reasoning as such but because it profoundly captures and applies the spirit of the law in ways that comport with modern technological advancement.

Legal definitions


established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules


of or relating to jurisprudence; "legal loophole"


having legal efficacy or force; "a sound title to the property"

See also: sound effectual


relating to or characteristic of the profession of law; "the legal profession"


allowed by official rules; "a legal pass receiver"