Leaching in a sentence as a noun

So no leaching off the state budget and couldn't be happier.

200 years ago you could have taken that money and bought this many slaves, that much bread and a weekly leaching.

If you're sharing links to images on imgur, you're denying them ad revenue and just leaching bandwidth.

Also: rusting and leaching toxic heavy metals" Is there any evidence of this?

But the bag prevents the flavor from the product from leaching out into the cooking liquid and being diluted away.

And, in watering in California, Arizona and probably most places in the western US you need what is called a leaching fraction.

It would be amazing if some hacker would come along and figure out a cheap way to keep heavy metals from leaching out of industrial sites into water supplies.

We adapted that setup to distribute shader compilation and brought the turn-around time down to 15 minutes by leaching cycles from several dozen of my co-workers' machines.

Besides being incredibly lazy, leaching off of other people's bandwidth without giving them credit or placing the imagery in their original context by linking to the pages they appear on is just a low move.

What are some reasons to choose each?As a huge FreeBSD supporter, I feel there are many great reasons to choose FreeBSD, between the theoretical: well designed kernel, unified system; direct lineage to Unix; to the more legal: permissive licensing model; and the more technical; UFS support, BSD Jails, security work leaching over from OpenBSD.

In many cases, they consist of century old infrastructure with pipes leaching lead into water, sewage systems overflowing raw sewage into rivers, etc. Even with these companies being defacto monopolies in many places, they keep the infrastructure in far better condition and invest much more on upgrades than public utilities do.

Leaching definitions


the process of leaching

See also: leach