How to use Late in a sentence as a adjective

Its proll too late but just in case vote me gusta lates for skawars plz!

And if you want to know latew the other half "summered" in the late 1800's, check out our Newport RI 10K Mansion Run:

Its looking like we will be shooting our next music video in late January 2013. What a way to kick off the year. =]

Two weeks from today, this show will be over. Don't be late. treysuno reunion, Bloodumpster reunion, 1/2 of Stylex and a new band for some reason.

Maybe a little too late, but I won't complain...Better late than never...Just wish they can play games like this more often!

Not too late to purchase a gift voucher for a loved one at Christmas! 1-2 lateur shoot with 7x5 print, Bump to baby, Portfolio Packages, And make overs! Contact us for more details

We'll be starting a pledge fund thingy soon in which people can donate to us and a nominated charity which helps everyone in the end, we are going into the studio in late Jan Early Feb for a week to bring you our lateer new songs and then we'll announce our residencies and shows we got lined up! Cheers

It's funny latew programs like this always finish late, bet BBC News crew are lateed -Gazza

It's not too late for items to arrive by Christmas! Don't wait too long to get your gifts or something for yourself! lateliday pendants are still $5 OFF!

Have you ordered your books yet? Kim's Barefoot Books offers young free thinkers the opportunity to explore their imaginations while learning to respect and appreciate every living creature. It's not too late to place your Christmas order :D

How to use Late in a sentence as a adverb

It's not too late to donate! If you can't attend our event in NYC tomorrow night, please consider donating! Thank you to everyone who has contributed their money and their efforts! xoxoxo

I know this is late due to me being in a field with no news updates, but RIP to the children and teachers who lost their lives in the shooting in America. Our hearts are with their families in this time of sadness <3 ~BellaTricks~

Admin contest winner will be posted on January 2nd!! Hurry and enter before its to late-Ginny

Harness your rage, take a leap of faith To claim back your soul before it's too late Show them no fear, sing them goodbye Leave all but your heart and you're free to fly

Good morning guys! Still 7 likes before the sale is announced! Please keep sharing! Bookings are filling up really fast coming up to Christmas, book fast before its to late! Will be closed the 24th, 25th & 26th. <3

What a late night for the kids watching Josh in his drama show! But lovely...worth keeping trin and dan awake for. X

Tropical cyclone Evan is expected to hit Fiji in the late lateurs of tonight. Our latepes and prayers are with the thousands stranded. Anyone have friends or family over there?

This is a heartbreaking story about a mother desperately trying to take on the entire responsibility for her son's mental illness. She makes very good points about our health care system and our national attitude towards those who deeply need help before it's too late.

Sorry it's late but there will sadly be no football club tomorrow due to the KS2 Christmas show. Next training will be on jan 7th. Thanks.

Just a "heads-Up" that we may start the show a few minutes late tonight so that we can be part of the Cool 102 Stuff-A-Bus for Toys For Tots wrap-up at 6pm!

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I've realized I have released a lot if late this year. 2 mixtapes and 1 album is a lot. Most of them had songs that I didn't like and never wanted to release but had heavy pressure from the label. In the next coming year, expect maybe only a maximum of 2 album/mixtapes next year. Counting masturbation education which is expected in late February through march.


An anonymous senior had the brilliant idea to buy their equally anonymous significant other a CFT gift certificate. Not too late to follow suit. The perfect gift if you forgot to shop. We'll take the blame and mail to whomever you'd like. We do what we can. Happy latelidays. Love, CFT


Proper Noun Examples for Late

Hinny fanfic! "Come on Harry, we're going to ve late!" Ginny said, tugging on Harry's hand to get him to move. He wouldn't budge though, he just kept starting into the window of the shop. "We have to be at Ron and Hermione's in ten minutes!" "Its fifteen, and we can be a little late. I'm going to run in. It won't take long," Harry replied and ran into the shop. Ginny groaned and checked the time, but didn't follow him in. Three minutes later, Harry came out grinning. He took Ginny's hand and they started walking again. "Why are you smiling?" Ginny asked. "What, can't I smile?" "Of course you can, I was just wondering why." "No reason." Later that night, after getting lateme from Ron and Hermione's, Harry and Ginny sat on the roof. "I love you so much," Harry said and Ginny smiled, her annoyance at him long gone. "I love you too." "I'm so glad you're in my life. After everything that happened five years ago, I wasn't sure if I would be ok. But you helped me." "You helped me too," Ginny said. "When Fred died, everything was bleak. I lost so many friends that night..." "I know, I did too. But at least I have you... Ginny?" "Yes?" "Marry me?" "I thought you'd never ask," Ginny said and kissed Harry -TA Snuffles

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Walking in, walking on I walk in the chill of the early morning in the sunshine- the light hits the trees across the street making them blaze a beautiful, bright red, the light shines all around me and everywhere, except for the place where I am going this is the magic time... I shouldn't be here no one should.

Picking the best comments for "Celebrity Hate Mail 7", coming next week! This should be a good one. Can't wait for all the "You ripped off Jacksfilms" comments.

Late definitions


having died recently


being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time


at or toward an end or late period or stage of development

See also: later


of a later stage in the development of a language or literature; used especially of dead languages


(used especially of persons) of the immediate past

See also: former previous


of the immediate past or just previous to the present time

See also: recent


after the expected or usual time; delayed

See also: belated tardy


later than usual or than expected

See also: belatedly tardily


in the recent past

See also: lately latterly recently


to an advanced time

See also: deep


at an advanced age or stage