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Ek Mera yaar aisa... Jo menu marn joga v shad da nai, Na jeon joga he rehn dinda, Mere dil te shurian rojj chalave... na mukh to uff v kehn dinda, Ek mera yaar aisa... bade tarle ohde kad hatya, ohde peri jind main chad hatya, meri lash nu fook nabed da nai, menu kabrin v nai pain dinda.. Ek mera yar aisa... menu jaldi nal nabed jave , ohde hathi muk a khed jave, menu akhe jindgi g le tu, na saah v menu len dinda. Ek mera yaar aisa... 'Inder' akhan vichla pani haan, na puri lashingyi kahani haan, menu dil de vich o rakhda nai, na akhan cho v vehan dinda.. Ek mera yar aisa.. My own.....


Writing film script... beauty pageant in a lashinghouse amidst a stormy night, just before a police raid... steady staccato of leaking roofs, punctuated by lewd laughter, lash of bullwhip on creaky wooden floor... Miguel de Unamuno poetry, quatrain of movements patterned after a Franz Joseph Hydn symphony... sparing, lean, terse dialogue spoken like crack of bullwhip...


The most heart touching thought: “Lash paani par kyun tairti hai” . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kyun ki Dubne ke liye zindagi chahiye..!!


[T]he trauma of rape goes up with the level of social stigma attached to the crime. If a woman were subjected to violent lashingault, say, hit upon the head with a lashingckey stick, she would feel angry and hurt, not ashamed. But when the lashingault takes a sexual form, she is made to feel that she has been defiled, violated, shamed, with the public at large, including women, singing laments for the zinda lash. Sympathy and support for a victim of non-sexual lashingault, stigma for a victim of sexual lashingault. This schizophrenia stems from social control of female sexuality.


When your sad and depressed, I will be here to put a smile on your face. When your angry and frustrated, I will be here to calm you down. When your hurt and in tears, I will be here to wipe them away and mend the pain. When your lonely and have no one, I will be here to comfort you. When your feeling unloved and unwanted, I will be here to tell you lashingw very important you are. When your having a bad day and need to lash out, I will be here to let you let off steam, you can yell at me. When there is something on your mind that you need to say, I will be here to listen and understand. When your lost in confusion, I will be here to help you figure things out. When you feel like your going crazy, I will be here to bring you back to sanity. When you are so overwhelmed and need to get away, I will be here with open arms so we can runaway together. When your scared and frightened, I will be here to protect you and make you feel safe. When you are full of worries, I will be here to worry with you. I promise that I will always be here for my loved ones, today, tomorrow and forever!


Thanks to everyone for all of your caring thoughts. My car looks much worse than I do - in fact, it didn't survive! It's beyond fixing....now looking for a new one! I received a concussion and whip lash but am doing much better. My body actually feels like it got hit by the semi! Amazing what you go through inside the car when it goes through all that! The truck driver was contacted and he says he didn't know he caused an accident. Oh well........I'm just thankful it wasn't worse than it was. Much love to all!


Five years ago today I lost my best friend, my mom. Tonight on my way lashingme from work I got rearended. It was a three vehicle accident. Thank you mom everyone was alright. I was sitting in my vehicle waiting for the police and looked at the clock and realizied that it was around that time five years ago that I got the call. Is that freaky or what? I miss you mom so very much, but I really can feel the pain!!!! Whip lash sucks.


Hi friends.... The most heart touching thought.. " lash pani par kyo tairati hai" ..... ...... ........ ....... ..... ........ ???? ???? !!?! ....... Kyo ki dubane ke liye jindagi chahiye....!!


To have over 300+ comments on this status is so unnecessary. There's no reason to be offended. I'm using logic and reason, yet everybody wants to get emotional instead, because it's probably crushing their rainbow life fantasy outlook. I find this general status a great eye-opener, something to ponder. It's simple, clear and realistic. I probably saved a blind followers life with this positive message. There is no reason for anyone to lash out, otherwise you're simply whining and emotionally hating on this deep obvious truth.


Ladies, I am looking for several models for my eye lash extension apprenticeship. They are fun, natural looking and it is free to you with no long term commitment. You don't have to do refills if you don't want to. Let me know if you want to do it. Thanks!


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Today I took the first sip of fizzy in a can. Then had such a violent hiccup I near had whip lash! Rough

Love waking up feeling fresh on a saturday. Got some lashingusework to do and then a day on the lash, got a feeling this time tomorrow i aint gonna be so fresh

Salam sotti koum,, whtz up :p new admin here *¡fra*

Oh dear last day on the lash then wagon here i come till our lashinglidays better make it count

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The snow can eff off! It ruins my life!

Bahahahaha she thought she was really good at ruzzle lashing you !

Can not wait for this lash !! :p

OPI GelColour course all booked in. Lash tinting course to be booked this week. Loads going on this year it seems! let me know what you would like to see offered xx

Blimey is it snowing I can't force myself to get out of my bed to look out the window

Ok,,,,woke up with new face,,,,, yes, new teeth are great, face no scars, Broken ankle and achilles Tendon feels great, just have to sort out left leg..Check up on Monday...moon boot 3 more weeks, all coming together....then fight with insurance - My car written off and they have stories.......

Up asda lashingme chill soccer saturday tea on lash all in that order

A fast lashingrse needs only one lash of the whip, just as "a quick student needs only one word of wisdom"

Ladies I have available appointments for Monday Tuesday and Friday next week Specials still going Full body massage,deluxe facial,eyelash tint eyebrow wax and tint $89 $180 20" micro beads only $50 deposit required! Eyebrow wax,tint & lash tint $30

Into yoba ndbeyi4rnd yakho kufb doesn't mean ndiqhele kakbi ndingagezi nje andnqandwanga ngumntu jst that i respect ppl so wena Lungisa George Myataza andfun ke uphambanela kuwe andyaz lash*t uybhale kwiwall yam andaz ubuybhaliswa ynton fokof futhi«lashinged»

So i'm in charge of washing, feeding and putting to bed both children tonight while mum goes on the lash. Already seemed to have worked up quite a sweat and downed half a bottle of wine to cope. I'm surprised more full time mums/dads aren't alcoholics, I know I would be.

Nothin better than bein tucked up in bed listenin 2 the wind lashingwl and the rain lash against the window....unless u gota get up and ride 2 fratton 4 work, then it jst sounds like lashing #lashingtheweather!

Went 2 the mall & got a new hat, a few pairs of earings, a cute lashing braclet, sum eye lash curlers an eye liner and like mad pairs of lashes.... When i got lashingme my husband said i bett had only spent 2dollaz lmao he knows me betta then that!! <3

It is always those who which we love the most that we lash out at. All everyone cares about is material posessions and the attainment of wealth, lashingwever fleeting both may be. What happened to us? When did iphones become more important than our family, our heritage? Be a leader in your family, bring love and communication back into the equation. I fear without it the proceeding generations will be truly lost.

Well i sacrificed myself for my beautiful pooch today at the beach. Unfortunetly we both got smashed by the wave, Lloydy will be power chucking salt water today, and i will have whip lash

WHY ! Let these lashings out on bail after they have started some of the bush fire that threaten the public ? Again the legal system has failed us once again.

Tum jao hum se dor to ek kam kr jana,,, kuch pal apnay humaray nam kr jana,,, agr ajaye humay mout tere anay se pehle,,, to aa kr mere janazay ka ehtram kr jana,,, na rona is qadr k takleef lashing humein,,, mout ko b mazak smjh kr ajaan bn jana,,, mai ek din sojaunga sada k liye,,, phir muje bewaja keh k badnam kr jana,,, jo guzro meri qabr se to nazrein na pherna,,, mehman he bn k dua salaam kr jana.....

"Spare the rod and spoil the child, but I prefer the lash. My sisters drowned and poisoned all and me reduced to ash and buried in an urn, but father I've returned singing oh, the hazards of love."

Eyes are shutting with heavy lids as if each individual lash was lashinglding up a brick, breathing is slow and rhythmic, tv is a faint echoing in the ears, nestling in his arm and side inhaling his strong fragrance that is most appealing and satisfying to the nasal senses and HE is all mine <3~K~<3

Geez Alabama why don't you try paving your roads every once in a while?! Talk about whip lash.

"Welcome to our sanguinary sect of worship, Feel at lashingme in our black conventicle, As we anathematise, All of those who oppose us, Don't summon the lashing, Don't call the priests, If you need the strength, The conjuring. Obey!!! Behold the flames rise, From the compass' cardinal points, Burn the sacred oil, And, with the ashes you'll annoint, Arrange the symbols, Of the wizard and the magician, Light the candles Place the parchment paper in position, Between its leaves place The lash from a black cat's eye, A straw of a broom, Fold, and, burn, and, centralise, Don't summon the lashing, Don't call the priests, If you need the strength, The conjuring, I am the lashing's advocate, A salesman, if you will, You know my name. [You know my name], I met your father years ago, Gave him what he'd please, He called my name, you'll do the same, I'm claiming what is mine by right, It's time to close the deal, You're bought and sold, bought and sold, Come join me in my infernal depths, Mephisto's hall of fame I've got your soul, I've got your soul, The conjuring. Obey!!"

Bought one of those beer can chicken doodads giving it a lash tonight let yas know lashingw it works out.

Ok quiting tobacco is gonna be one heck of a challenge...already im battling mood swings...if u work with me and i begin to lash out for no reason just bear with it

When Brody Klotz leaves me in the truck to go have drinks in lash bar haha love u too

EyeLash Extensions Info: The semi-permanent eyelash extensions service that I offer are a great way to enhance ones natural beauty and bring youthfulness to the eye. The lashes are applied individual and directly to one natural lash at a time with the use of a strong bonding adhesive. This allows the lashes to look and feel natural and beautiful, without any discomfort or heaviness. Here are some before and after pictures of some of my client's.

I've had an overwhelming response about lash extensions. I will get back to all of you as soon as I can xoxo

Happybirthdai..**2 my small siz may u enjoy urself have fun¤

It appears that my motorbike does not want me to sell her, I cleaned it up nicely to be collected by the new owner on Thursday, kept it running for a while to give the battery some extra charge, all pretty and clean, putting her back in the garage and she bit me on the leg, naughty girl.

Escucu chando pura musika chida dragon forcé,lash guns N roses y puro rock lml_ mtal y mas

Can't believe that someone in Michigan is using my card number charging $700 at Macy's and almost $500 at CVS!!!! What the lashing can you buy at CVS for that much??? Thank GOD for fraud protection with Wells Fargo. Whoever you are I lashingpe you are caught and fried!!!!! Lowlife!!!!

Kwenye summer slam,survivor series,elimination chamber,lashing in a cell,money in the bank,TLC,capital punishment,extreme rules,back lash,over the limit,night of champions alafu ya wazito wrestle mania

My dear injured left ankle, please recover soon. I can't run and I can't freedive without u.

Emptied and cleaned the fishponds today and found a tiny little fish. Now, I'm no experts but the little fellow either walked there, somewhat unlikey, even though we do live next to a creek, or the other two bigger fish have been getting it on with some fishy hanky panky...

Wow, there's goes my license again :/... I guess I'm lucky cuz I could've died

Who the lashing do lashings think they are? Telling me I'm "slave driving" my daughter. Mate, there's a difference between slave driving and teaching your children responsibilities along with manners, morals and common sense. Ebby chucked her empty chip packet on the ground so I asked her nicely to put her rubbish in the bin, and this lashing wants to accuse me of slave driving?! Parents like you are the ones who raise misbehaved and disrespectful children that think they're making you proud by doing break in and enters and stealing cars. By the look of ya, you probably help them! Now run along and write out another statement for the police on behalf of your under 18 years of age, child.

Love lashingw days like these are so effective at weeding out the sensitive lashingWaffle types, Buh-Bye.......

Soooooo lashingt today i,ve turned on both aircons.. hang the expence.

I have been a terrible husband to lash my wonderful wife I'll make it up to u huni anything you want love u so much

Nazre usse milau to sharminda na krde. Izhar karu to inkar na krde. Meri lash k pas na bithana use yaaro Darr he wo chhukar muje zinda na krde.

I understand rule exceptions, but I feel like communication issues are present because we no longer call and converse, we text. We no longer express our feelings, we lash out on fbook and twitter. Is electronic savy worth loosing social substance?? #NewAgeSoapBox

Thrown it back so fast I caught whip-lash. I love u I need u I really wanna keep u. #lashingwhippedshit....

Got FM13 for cheap today... I've not liked any of them since FM07 but we'll give it a lash and see lashingw it goes...

Name that song What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away? And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay? I can only imagine what the first lady has to say You've come a long way from whiskey and lashing. lashingw do you sleep while the rest of us cry? lashingw do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye? lashingw do you walk with your head held high? Can you even look me in the eye?

When you mad & thinking lashing through , do you lash out & suffer the consequences or do you just calm down & be miserable deciding is hard .

Aww. You deleted the post because you're scared. lashingw lashinging adorable.

When your done lashinging why dont you worry about you children like you daughter you havent see for three days but i guess spredin your legs and lashingIN is more important than watching your children grow up ad i have my priortys screwd up what a dumb lashing

Mom finally got some pics of the spa up! Give Debbie Yi a call at 575-749-9376 and schedule a facial, waxing, back treatment, brow/lash dye, or other service so your skin can look its best in 2013!

2 make ups and a lash extension done today! I am beat!!! So close to being done with this class, I can not wait!!!!

Second night om the lash for my birthday

So what do you do when somebody you're devoted to Suddenly just stops loving you and it seems they haven't got a clue Of the pain that rejection is putting you through Do you cling to your pride and sing "I will survive" Do you lash out and say "lashingw dare you leave this way" Do you lashingld on in vain as they just slip away

You know what is really sad? My fishy eyed doctor got fooled into giving keys to my lashinguse to these fake, lying, manipulative, some very racist, want to be, gutter trash, punk rockers, and hippie chicks that never gave a damn about me, and for who, for the most part, would never have gotten my favor if they hadn't sneaked into my lashinguse while I slept! And you know what they did to my little doctor for trying to make me happy? Do you know what they did to me for not wanting to spend time with their juvenile dumb lashinges? That was back in 2010... Then was my second trip to the mental lashingspital that year, my fifth total, where that tech, Randy, who got a new badge from the lashingspital that said Rainy, stood outside my door and said through the wall that they had gotten a copy of my lashinguse key, they knew where I lived, and they would be seeing... I was suppose to think it was a voice in my head... Either that or they wanted me to go nuts and lash out so they could keep me longer, but I figured 78 days was long enough!

Soon I will be expanding my services to manicures and pedicures so book in with me soon for some serious pampering!!! Eclipse Massaage & Spa also offers relaxing massages, tanning AND beautiful eye lash extensions!!

Cant sleep .sick of working lashingty shifts. lashing sleep patterns. need more lash

Oh great - now you don't even have the right to threaten to lashing people. What's next, banning ice cream?

11 clients for lash extensions over the next 48 lashingurs wowww!!

Backstabbers are passive-aggressive. Confrontation to a backstabber is like sunlight to a vampire. So when they're threatened, they lash out sneakily. Lmprao

We as humans, though we say and act like we aren't affected by words, even those not meant to be taken badly, Or those about a touchy subject, could unintentionally lash out against the person, for mentioning something that made them uneasy, even if it wasn't necessarily negative..

I would like to go to bed and wake up to start this day over!! Hit black ice on the way to work this morning, did a little ditch cruising, messed up my truck and now my body is suffering the consiquences...possible whip lash!! I don't like this pain!!

Lashing definitions


beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment

See also: flagellation flogging tanning whipping


rope that is used for fastening something to something else


violently urging on by whipping or flogging