Lanolin in a sentence as a noun

I have to treat them to lanolin twice a winter season.

Look for the word lanolin in your ingredient lists.

Seems a tad misleading to call that hair; lanolin isn't keratin.

People have a lanolin allergy, not a wool allergy.

Lots of things will work -- lip balm or lanolin are my favorites, but petroleum jelly would probably do in a pinch.

Yeah and lanolin would have been of use for cooking for millennia even if it wasn't appetizing just from sheer calories and survival.

The oily lanolin from the sheep's wool gets embedded into the timber, basically making the building a big greasy tinderbox.

If J&J sells lanolin cream, do they have to avoid mentioning that breastfeeding can give you sore nipples, because God forbid that anyone say anything bad about breastfeeding?

There are different chemicals distilled and they have different purposes, such as making asphalt, lanolin, naptha, paraffin wax, kerosene / jet fuel, and other goodies.

Lanolin definitions


a yellow viscous animal oil extracted from wool; a mixture of fatty acids and esters; used in some ointments and cosmetics


an emollient containing wool fat (a fatty substance obtained from the wool of sheep)