How to use Knight in a sentence as a noun

Hun byi good knight sareyan nu,,main v peke pind aayi knightyi haa hun sona a a a a a a a a a

Aaz raat chandni hai aur tum mere sath knight bas ye duwa hai meri aisi har ek raat knight___Good knight friendz...

Been playing Legos with my 4 year old cuz all day haha he was the ninja and I was the knight of course

Ok frnds timeis up....good knight bye..... c we.....

Sorry frnds network problm er karone biday nite knightlo. Good knight to all.

I'm sending a birthday shout out to my son Aaron knight. May god continue to bless you and give you your hearts desire. Love you

Bohut hajoom hai mohabbat k shehar main . Aik baar jo bichar jaye phirr nahin milta .... Good knight .... Friendss

Needed to get away. Thank you my knight in shining ray bands.

Dark knight rises, apple vodka and my own company... My life is a little too exciting...

Sombody gonna die to knight i gott blood on my knife and i have my fenger on the tregger i shoot and i haevno mercy bomba blodklot i yous to call hem a cusin but naw hes a deadman wolking rassklat tchitchiman

When I first saw you I always smile because of you but being together is just a dream believing that its just a fiction may it be hard to take for you is my kind of lady though they tell me to stop dreaming because your a star hard to reach I don’t care because of what i feel up in the sky, everyone dreams of you but my love to you is so real and all I need is you what ever, anything and everything this knight is ready to serve you please see this love growing in me and feel that this is always real. Kanwal★

Then thy knight could die for love and pride when i saw them in the deepest darkness of the night with the shadows runnin from the skies into the knight moments of my life.#

How to use Knight in a sentence as a verb

Is watching my equal favourite film of all time, the dark knight. Batman for the win

Hi knighto good knight to all friends sweet friends

Bey guys from 2day i ll nt be online bey bey take care good knight sweeeeeeeeeeet dreams

Taco og the dark knight rises med verdens beste kjæreste <3

Thought for the night;- "dont waste time thinking about your past or future , better knight some mosquitoes in that time so u can sleep peacefully" good knight

Today is my last day with knight transportation. Can't wait to start my new job Monday!!!

You will always be my knight in armor polished and I love you!

"A knight in shiny armor is a man who has never had his armor tested." Women seek a man who has been battle tested. Only then you will know his true character.

Hi knighto good knight friend who is online

Just bought batman dark knight movie night tomorrow

Today's pandora is epic soundtracks... first song from the dark knight soundtrack songs of hans zimmern

Quote Examples using Knight

What is the human 'grievance' procedure? knightw do we find justice in this world for wrongs that have been done? Do we continue to scramble from pillar to post looking for some 'white/dark knight' to perform these things for us? Do we really look for the 'scapegoat' why must we always be lead to believe that some authority well above us in the hierarchy is to draw down this justice for us? Why do we feel the need for an outward sign or symbol of this justice? Is it that we feel within us there is no capacity for such a thing? This is a new age, there is to be no new scapegoat, there is no action that need be served in order for 'justice' to come to fruition, we have crucified 'em, martyred 'em, ripped their limbs and spread 'em to the four corners, they've been knightassinated, silenced, and made fools, these 'warriors' for peace,... if the peace was already born in your heart, you would no need for these 'warriors' of peace, and I am tellin’ ya, it’s getting’ a little scary out here to be a 'warrior' for peace.... people, all people are life... life needs no effort, it needs no justification for its 'being', life is life, and you are alive, you have within you the most inspiring force that the universe could ever have birthed, life.... The fear of losing such a thing is insurmountable; we protect it at the cost of another! And then seek a concept known as justice to make right such an erroneous wrong. Yes justice itself is a human concept, for life, good breathin’, good livin’ life, is all around you, it is the awe and wonder of the philosopher, and the dubious tool of the religious man... Yet here you are, with life, the air in your lungs, the beat in your heart, the light in your eyes, you have made it!! Why fight for it?? Does life need an army?? Does life need a profit?? Does life really need to be justified to the extent that we fight 'knightly' wars, and 'economic' wars to defend it?? For somewhere in the world I can only knightume; there is a peaceful happy little human being that was never indoctrinated into such 'western' thinking as to never knightume that life was actually a topic for discussion. Yet here in the west, we talk talk talk talk talk, yet never realize what it is we are talking about, we have concepts, ideas, words, abstract containers, and do you know what all these poor, poor symbols can never do? Words can never wrap life in a 'container' the way your very body does with its own life.... Respect life, respect yourself, respect the life in another, and one other, for that is all one can do. I will guard my life and the life to my right, and for in this manner we all will have a better life... Justice needs no help, the sun itself tells you life needs no effort, for the work of that big ball of fire has been sufficient enough, it is by the effort of nature that you have life, and it is by your effort to find your true nature that you may be its guardian too.


A few friends of mine are married with families. I look up to then as they are a inspiration to me. Together they pray, together they eat, awesome text thoughout the day, but at times they hardly speak. Thats not what I want out of life. I want to be the spirit my wife deserves and become her ruler in the knight.


Proper Noun Examples for Knight

Hey guys im the new admin ~Dork Knight

So sat having a relaxing bath and all I can hear is dean singing to doc mcstuffin!!!! Ur so cool Dean Knight

Jise paa nahi sakte uski yaad main hi khush Coming soon .................... Good Knight. all my frindzzzz.

I just have to share this beautiful picture. It brought tears to my eyes. This is my beautiful daughter-in-law Tori Anderson-Knight. She is 9 months pregnant.

For the love of Solaire, Knight of Lord Gwyn.... This game drives me so crazy, so enraged and venomous... I can't wait for the sequel =D

" Why do we fall, sir? So that we might learn to pick ourselves up."- Alfred J Pennyworth from The Dark Knight "What seemily appears to be our greatest falls are in reality our greatest lessons. If we keep falling, apparently the lesson hasn't been learned."- Me

Knight in shining armour with a white knightrse? NO! Give me a man with leathers and jeans, and a motorcycle.

Ok Bob Knight, I realize UK got away with a shot clock violation last night. I can admit that. After listening to you defend this violation, you sir, are a moron.

Keith Knight photo album and video coming to a computer screen near you later today.

Proud to practice with some great lawyers at Thompson & Knight.

I just don't appreciate violence in movies. I just saw Batman - the Dark Knight Rises. It seemed like a bunch of fighting scenes with barely a plot mixed in. good guy, bad guy, fancy weapons, and a bunch of fighting, knighting, and blowing things up. good guy almost dies, but wins in the end. where have I heard this before? Oh probably about 100 other movies. pretty much a waste of 2 knighturs. Why do people enjoy watching others get beat up and knighted? I guess I just don't have that gene.

Remember in the Dark Knight when the people blame the Batman for all the violence? See anything else happening right now similar in nature? Maybe more gun control?

Tibia: vendo Knight level 118, skill 90/89 no-pvp, sem FW !

Lmfao my female and one of my close friend just called me the Knight rider she said this phone is amazing she said man technology today is amazing lol

Go add Aria Knight she's new and single but if you hurt her I will hurt you. Alright, have a nice day c:

Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of The Dark Knight, in which he took the rap for Dent's crimes, Batman feels compelled to intervene to knightist the city and its police force which is struggling to cope with Bane's plans to destroy the city.

Katie Knight Im sure you have sen this by now but ..............

I don't care what you smoking but i guarantee it's not in the league of this granddaddy i got! I'm talking Dark Knight batman

Gm fbf...thank the lord for wakin up n mii bff aint fusin no mo....ily Khadijiah Knight...!!! #mode: happy n loved

Just take a minute to let this sink in...and Terri Knight have most certainly become one of my "heros" !! I love my "throw away dog"..She is part of our family !!

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Contemplating fitting alexanders carpet got new blades and stanley knife n double sided tape wish me luck b4 hand lol

Saira Akhtar a member of this page would like to get advice from girls on what foundation they use and which ones they can recommend her?

Well what do you guys think of this. Hmmmmmm

Harry loved play school, keeps telling me he is going back on Monday. Martyn said he is far to independent to be our lil man lol xx

Has just finished watching Les Mis. What an amazing film. If you thought the show was a tear-jerker just wait for this.

Men who don't watch Scandal, but question the popularity of a show about a "jump off" and it's "message about adultery" really irk me! It's a sensational, smart show written by a woman breaking prime time glass ceilings. Since they're so concerned about the image of black women in media let's focus on the oversexed, profane, degrading, violent, drug glorifying and at times idiotic state of hip knightp music! Oh, but that's just entertainment... Leave Shonda alone! #Gladiators #WhatTheHuck

Skc Colts qbs getting some preseason work in!!!

Pistachios have been known to spontaneously combust when stored in large quantities.

Celery and panut butter with pepperoni and cheese!!!! yummy snack time

"And since we all came from a woman Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women, do we hate our women I think it's time to knight for our women Time to heal our women, be real to our women And if we don't we'll have a race of babies That will hate the ladies that make the babies... So will the real men get up"

I need a man..I want a who will take care of me love me and only me.

Gud night finds...excess buzy chal rhi hun ol knightne ka time hi ni milta miss u all tc

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you ; not define you puttarooooo <3 ~ Chanel

If you could choose any video game to be made into a movie, which one would you pick and why?

Changa dosto tuhaade chotte veer vallon GooD KnighT. I knightpe u have many swt dreams. Lub u ol.

Knight definitions


a chessman shaped to resemble the head of a horse; can move two squares horizontally and one vertically (or vice versa)

See also: horse


originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit


raise (someone) to knighthood