Kidnap in a sentence as a verb

If that fails, the US will "render" people, or as the rest of us call it, kidnap.

I don't think Henry Ford should feel guilty for enabling people to kidnap children with greater speed.

People kidnap your family, criminals target you, etc.

There is no evidence that Hamas leadership was aware of, much less called for the kidnapping.

How vile is it to kidnap people and torture them, then hold them indefinitely with out open due process?

The sons kidnap the millionaire's wife for ransom and **** her when the businessman fails to follow instructions.

"My mom is absolutely freaked out about our wife and I living in the city, because someone might kidnap our daughter.

On the phonecall that one of the kids made to report their kidnapping shots are heard, and that same day the bloody car is found in which the boys died.

If I kidnap you and give you the choice between having your throat slit and your chest stabbed, am I not still a murderer once you lie dead on the floor?

Someone could easily think he has the "secret code" to unlock Bitcoin and kidnap him, or try to rob him or his family directly.

Notion that it is somehow OK to kidnap my property because somebody thinks I owe them some money is that crazy.

The kidnapping was used as a carte blanche under the pretense of a rescue operation, while it was obvious from the start there was sadly no rescuing to do.

Violence escalates in the village to the point that kidnappings for ransom become a popular way to finance the importation of ***** for resale.

The Israeli government at that time knew the boys weren't alive, yet staged a campaign to round up members of a political party that they had no evidence to tie to the kidnapping.

People don't kidnap others as an extracurricular activity, and so it's doubly myopic to say it were kidnappings happening purely in isolation that triggered this.

" there's always this voice in my head saying "kidnap whoever is building the next package management system and lock them in a deep dark box."There seems this fundamental disconnect between people making languages about how people use their languages.

My guess is that eventually the CIA will kidnap him and either return him to the US for prosecution under a story that he was traveling somewhere and got caught, or they will simply torture and **** him, making it look like a robbery or kidnapping gone wrong.

Also the fact that he worked for the CIA 20 years ago seems disingenuously noted by the author; I don't think anybody expects him to kidnap employees and detain them in torture camps, although I suspect the author is trying to invoke that "secret agent" connotation.

Kidnap definitions


take away to an undisclosed location against their will and usually in order to extract a ransom; "The industrialist's son was kidnapped"

See also: nobble abduct snatch